Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chevy's Success

For those who have not heard, our Chevy's fundrasier for Samantha this past Thursday was an incredible success.  I was so overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support for our little girl.  Many who could not attend sent checks or cash as a way to show their support.  Some ate at Chevy's for lunch and dinner!  You guys are incredible.  We have amazing friends.  But, also, for those who didn't even know us but came  And thank you!

I had told Chevy's that I thought there would be a lot of people.  I'm not sure they believed me.  They were understaffed for lunch, so our friends politely waited.  Take-outs were abundant!  And dinner.  Woa, let's just talk about dinner.  I couldn't believe how many people were there.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!  We didn't eat dinner that night, just showed up and talked with people.  As I said earlier, it was an overwhelming experience to be surrounded by those we know and love, and to meet new people who wanted to know more about Samantha and this cause they were helping.  Fantastic and humbling.

This was a difficult fundraiser for me.  Back in high school, I led a lot of fundraisers, but never one for my own family.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  During a time when I've felt frustrated and discouraged about different things, I have felt the love of the Lord through the hundreds of people who have been rallying around Samantha and our family.  It's a feeling I've only felt once before this stronly -- the morning we sat in the "family waiting room" while Samantha had her head surgery.  At that time, when I was struck with panic and fear, I felt myself be lifted up in a way that felt as if I was physically being lifted in my seat.  I attribute that experience almost 5 years ago to the prayers of our friends and family -- many of who were at Chevy's last Thursday.

There is no way I can thank everyone personally who attended or ordered food that day.  So, in a small attempt to express our thanks, I had thank you notes on all the tables with a family picture.  At the front desk, there was another thank you note...unfortunately at dinner the manager didn't pass them out like they did at lunch (at lunch, the waiters put slid the notes in with the checks).  I don't have a copy of those notes anymore...I wish I did so I could put it in Samantha's scrapbook -- but for those who attended, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

And, for those who are curious.  That day, we brought in almost $4,000 worth of business to Chevy's.  That means, Samantha will receive a check of $989.33 towards her therapy!  Chevy's was very happy -- they even want to do it again for us in June.  I think we'll pass, but it was flattering nonetheless.



Kimba said...

it was such an honor to be there!! love the outcome, but i'm not surprised! :) you guys are awesome!

Missy said...

that is awesome! what wonderful friends and family you have:)

Jennie said...

Oh Yeah! I"m so glad it went well!!!

Gordon and Robyn said...

Wow Jenny. What a blessing to your family.


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