Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Catchy Phrase

Well...after some discussion and some pretty awesome suggestions...I think Marcus and I came up with a little phrase that we like for the 5K (if this really happens.  there were a few kinks with the city, but we are working them out -- hopefully.  i'll keep you posted)

We wanted something fun (not too dramatic) that had a little ring to it.  We tried to do some alliteration...played around with a few things...laughed...and we came up with:

Sweatin' for Sammy

So, whether people will be running or's all because they love little Sammy.  Even if they don't know her but only come because a friend roped them in...that friend is coming and still sweatin' for Sammy.  Right?  Anyway.  We're excited to get going.  I hope this all works out. 

Last night thinking about it, I got a little emotional thinking about all of us there, for Samantha.  I was telling Marcus some of the updates from our friend who is organizing it, telling him it didn't look so good.  He said, "Jenny, can you imagine it though?  I mean, everyone would be there for her...cheering her on...wearing shirts for's something we would NEVER forget."  It would be pretty amazing.  Lately, we've read some information about Samantha's diagnosis and her profile match up with some things related to early death.  It's been hard for us.  We've had to rely on our faith (and doctor's opinion -- who can't ever be 100% anyway) to find peace about everything.  And, let me clarify here: We're not expecting her to die tomorrow or even next year.  She very well would be a young adult if she matches up with these cases.  So, last night I was thinking about that -- and if we were able to do this run, how cool of a memory would that be one day?  I don't know.  I said we didn't want our little logo to be dramatic, and listen to me now.  Anyway...

We'll keep you all posted on if/when this thing goes down. 


Kimba said...

as i said earlier, love it! and all three of us will be there, sweatin' for sammy! (okay, wyatt probably won't be sweating, but he'll be there!)

Heidi said...

I love it! What a great idea! Plenty of successful endeavors had their moments that didn't "look so good". Good luck tomorrow night! We'll be sending a check soon. :)


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