Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the Kitchen

Callie loves -- so so loves -- mixing, measuring, stirring, cooking, baking...I tell her I'm the chef and she's my sous-chef (my 2nd in command in the kitchen).  She loves my title.  "Where's my Sous-Chef?"  "Here Chef Mommy!"  So on Saturday night, when Sammy went to bed and I started to make some cookies for my class on Sunday, Callie was eager to join in.  She insisted I put on an apron so we could match -- and mix, measure, and bake we did.

Even Daddy joined in this time, which is a treat.  Often he's at work while we bake -- not that we bake all that often, but ya know.  Look at that smile.  She's so happy.  Cookies = Bliss.  (I like to think we added to that smile though too.)


The Nelsons said...

I love wearing aprons with my kids. :) You guys are cute. :)

Heather said...

Those are such fun pictures and memories!


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