Thursday, August 18, 2011

MI, Part 3

I found this in my "draft" file, so I guess I never got these posted...and there are some fun pictures in here.  So, rewind to June....

Again, Callie loved the lake.  It's a nice attraction.

I love this suit on Callie.  What a cutie.

And Sammy's quite a show stopper too.  Sooo cute.

Brayden and Peggy, playing in the sand.

Off for a boat ride and tubing in Grandpa's boat.

Ted, and I think Hunter, getting ready for their ride.

Sammy's happy with Grandma while we wait on shore for our turn.

Callie loved the boat.  She wasn't as certain about the tube, but she loved the boat, that's for sure.

One of my favorite pictures of the entire trip.  Samantha is so deliriously happy, and Ian's leaning over looking at her.  It's just sheer joy.  I love it.

A bit windy.

She's smiling here, but she was only smiling when the boat wasn't on.  As soon as we got going, she kept asking to go slower and slower until the boat was off and we were coasting.  "That's better.  Yeaaaahhhh!"  That's Callie, a real dare devil.

Sammy, on the other hand, was giggling the entire ride.  I wonder if she was born with physical limitations in order to save her life!  Truly, if she was able to do all she wanted, I think she'd probably kill herself.  She's such a thrill seeker this little one -- always has been!!!

Ian was our boat boy.  He's such a great cousin to all the little cousins.  He's the oldest in the clan and the best guy ever.  I have special feelings about Ian.  He was the first grandchild in our family.  I was so excited when I found out Lisa was pregnant and I grew really attached to this guy.  I love him so much.  He's a really really good guy and I miss him just thinking about it.  I love you Ian.


mj said...

cute, cute. sammy looks so straight and upright in the picture of just her in her daaaaaaaaaaaarling swimsuit. no?

Jenny said...

yes, so straight, right? I'm pretty excited, even though she's been really sloppy lately in her walking and standing. But in that suit, she can do anything and she'd look pretty dang cute:)


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