Friday, August 19, 2011

Thinking About It

Same, constant, solid (blond) Jenny, or bold, daring, live-on-the-wild-side (brunette) Jenny. Yes, because this would be me living on the wild side. I know. It may shock you, but I'm one wild and crazy gal.

I'm just saying that it's been on my mind and I'm really thinking about it. That's all. Just thinking. When I mention my...thoughts...people have told me to stick to blond. People have told me to go brunette. That I'd look exotic and great. hmmm We'll just have to see...but I'm thinking about it. One thing that's almost for sure is I'm going back to bangs this Fall. But the question of color remains...duh duh duhhhnn.


mj said...

ah! i've always been jealous of those who can pull off both blonde and brunette. obviously you "seem" more blonde {a smart blonde, of course} to me just because that's how i know you. but, i do love richer, darker colors for the fall and winter. could be fun to try. plus, going dark does awesome things to your hair. it seriously makes it shinier and smoother because it's adding color, rather than stripping it away with bleach. :) i always like the way the actual strands of hair look and feel when i'm darker.

Marcus and Jenny said...

I know! I've been jealous of those people too!!! I'm just wondering, is it possible? Can I really do it? I just don't know yet.

Marci said...

LOVE this idea! DO IT! Is that pic of YOU??? When did you take that pic? Were you a brunette recently? Where have I been? ;) DO IT!

Love, your hair color chameleon friend.

Jenny said... it's a picture of me from a couple days ago with my hair pulled back...and I found a hairstyle that was closest to "me" and chose the hair color. it's a fun website!:) Really? I should do it? If I do, I'll probably do it while I'm in UT. ahhhhh But, are you saying "do it" because it's adventurous, or because it would actually look good? Those are TWO very different things Marse. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks...we'll talk.

Cristine said...

Go for it! Have some blond highlights so it doesn't shock you quite as much. :)

Amelia said...

You can!! It looks awesome and REALLY makes your eyes pop. Do it! :) Brunettes have more fun. :)


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