Friday, August 19, 2011

Makes Me Laugh

Ooooh, I think my kids are beautiful, but some of these just make me laugh.  Perhaps it doesn't show them in the best light, but I'm crying over here -- big 'ole laughing tears.  And, I realize these are much funnier to me than to other people, nonetheless, post I must.

Little (nephew) Nate's "are you really going to make me eat?" face.

Callie, is that a gang sign you're flashing me?

Seems innocent enough...

but she will retaliate.

Um, are you mad?

This one will always make me lose's the demonic yawn picture.  ahhh 
I. Can't. Control. Myself.
Sleepy eyes -- on the airplane.

1 comment:

maryirene said...

darling girls. they're looking great! i love real life pictures.


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