Friday, July 22, 2011

Dry Sheets

This little gem of a girl made a HUGE accomplishment last night. 
Since Monday, we've been working on night-time potty-training.  
Callie was potty trained relatively young, so I didn't worry about the evenings.  But she'll be 4 in January, and when Marcus suggested we begin, I agreed (after talking to my mother-in-law of course).  I wasn't looking forward to this, but all things considered, it's been a good experience.  It's been night after night of wet sheets and laundry the next day...but last night...oh sweet last night...

Callie came into our room around 11pm, crying, because her pants were wet (however her bed was not).
She woke up, she told me, because she was wet (good sign).
We went to the bathroom and she finished the job.
This morning at 7am, she and her bed were completely dry!

Way to go Callie!  We keep telling her how proud we are of her...and I'm hoping that pretty soon I won't be waking up in the middle of the night to take her potty anymore. 
Yeah for big girls!!!


The Nelsons said...

Way to go, Callie!! :)

Amelia said...

Doesn't this make you SOOOOO happy!!! I've been sort of potty training since the beginning of the year. NOt hard core at all. I need to get the energy and just finish it off!! Times 2! That's the tough girl's doing good and one is doing not so good.


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