Friday, July 22, 2011

Girls' Camp 2011

This year I was an assistant director at Girls' Camp.  I was the Programs Director.  What does that mean?  It means a lot more than I thought it did when the calling was extended to me!!!  That's for sure.  But I loved it so much.  With the 6th levels, we planned the evening "programs" which includes anything and everything that goes along with having a nightly program.  I had so. much. fun.  And I couldn't have gone without my mother-in-law being willing to help with the girls, a husband who was willing to get up early with our kiddies, and for Kathleen Pack and Sydney Black who had fun with Callie during the week too. 

This year's experience at camp was...incredible really.  Last year I went as the fireside speaker and Faith Walk coordinator -- it was fantastic, but different.  With this calling, I knew what was going on all the time.  I knew most everything.  And I saw the 6th levels transform.  As they sought out the Spirit, I could see them mature and develop stronger testimonies.  It was strengthening for me.  Plus, they are dang awesome young women and I'm so glad we got to hang out all week.  They had me laughing quite a bit.  What a fun fun week.  I don't have pictures of everything -- me rappelling and doing the MC Hammer on the side of the mountain, kayaking, and a ton of other stuff...but suffice it to say it was Grrrrrreat (thanks Tony the Tiger).

I am grateful for the chance I had to do it and look forward to next year...for now though, I'm back and ready to do all the stuff that was on hold while camp preparations were going -- yes, and this includes blogging. 

Lisa, me, Jen, Sadie on the boat.  The advantage of being "programs" is that I had some down time during the day and could do, basically, what I wanted.  On Tuesday, this meant spending all day at the lake.  Niiiice.

Too bad this picture is blurry...Serena, Carissa, and Sara.  Love these girls!

Sadie.  What a babe.

Totally wished I had a good zoom lens here...beautiful waterfall.

Crazy goose that kept following us.  Now, Serena, Sara, and Carissa thought it was soooo funny that I was afraid of this goose, but people...let me just tell you, geese are not always NICE.  Swans are worse.  But this guy was a bit too "friendly" and when he started crossing the comfort line, yeah, I wasn't the only one nervous anymore.  That's right.

I know I wasn't the 6 level leader, but I really feel like these are my girls.  Just a few of them here, but love them all dearly.
Alexa, Abby, Katie, Claire, Meagan, Sadie, Serena, Carissa, Sara

Yep, always dancing, singing -- and laughing.

Tuesday night: Service projects!!!
Happiness all around.  Claire, Serena, Sadie.

The theme was "The Temple: The Happiest Place on Earth" tying in Disneyland.  Wednesday night was Night in Wonderland with different staions and games all Alice and Wonderland themed.  The idea was that Alice made a bad decision and left to follow the rabbit.  In doing so, she fell down a hole and her life changed.  She was faced with trials and often felt confused because she made that decision to follow the rabbit.  BUT, she made it home...and we can too if we choose to repent.  We can always make it home.  It was an awesome fun night.  Everyone loved it.  I wish we had pictures of the decorations.  It was pretty awesome.  The lodge was crazy, set up so it looked like as the girls entered, they were going down a hole...fog, strobe light, crazy stuff hanging all over the place.  I loved here "Woa...coooool" as they entered!!!

Katie, Meagan, Jen, Lisa, Me, Sadie
Night in Wonderland

McKenna, Allora, me, Sadie, Serena, Meagan, Claire, Alexa, Abby
Jen, Katie, Sara, Sam, Lisa

My committee!  I love them!!!
Rachel, Amy, Vanette, and me

Tammy and Christine (Gospel Adventure)
Diane, Xenia, Laura, me, Annie (Camp Council)

Sadie and myself, giggling away

Melissa, Claire, Katie, Abby

You can kind of get an idea of what the regular daily decorations were -- colorful poofs, the bees, flags, paper lanterns over every table.  It was cute, full of color.

Some of the clocks were still up from Night in Wonderland, but you get the idea.


Gordon and Robyn said...

you are so awesome. seriously. I am always in awe of you, all you millions of talents and willingness to serve and care for others.

along that note, thank you for thinking of Shian. I just passed the email on to her.

Caleb and Jessica Sainsbury said...

This camp looks beautiful! I miss Northern California so much! Where was this camp?


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