Saturday, July 23, 2011

What the...

Yesterday was a busier morning. I lost track of time and was hurrying to get Samantha ready for a doctor's appointment. I quickly changed her diaper, and as I opened the back door to throw the dirty diaper in our version of the diaper genie (which is really just a small garbage can outside so we don't smell old diapers), I heard a loud noise as if an animal were scurrying away...and then a deep whoooop sound. What the....

I didn't see any cat or possum or anything of the sort -- not that a possum would have been out at that time of day anyway -- and when I looked down, right next to the glass door, I saw a dead bird. It was your average bird, except the feathers had been somewhat plucked off it appeared, and its head was missing. I gasped in shock, and when I looked up, there were 2 hawks on our neighbor's wooden fence. Now, the homes around here are pretty close together, so these hawks were relatively close, watching me look at their meal...which I had disturbed.

Lee kindly took a shovel and threw the half-eaten bird over the wooden fence into the empty lot where I'm assuming these birds of prey finished their breakfast.

I'm all about the circle of life. I get the fact that these birds need to eat...other birds. I remember looking forward to our annual elementary school assembly "Birds of Prey." They'd come in with owls, hawks, and eagles. It was fascinating. But to see this as I'm throwing out a dirty diaper was a little surreal, with its half-eaten meal. blahargbalah, I say. Surprisingly I've seen quite a few hawks around these here parts -- a busy California city. But never before when throwing out a dirty diaper. Now that's a first for me.

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