Friday, August 14, 2009

Cakes, Pizza, and Love

I made a cake on Saturday. I didn't want to. Well, I wanted to at first, but then, when it came down to it, I thought "Why did I volunteer to make a cake?" Does that ever happen to you? And the sad thing is, I really did want to do it at first. It was for a little 5 year old girl's birthday who didn't get to celebrate her birthday because birthdays don't happen in a family who is struggling financially. Of course I wanted to do it, but then the day came and it was terribly busy, and I thought "Jenny, why must you always volunteer?!" I decided it was going to be just a 9x13 cake with frosting on it. But then, I started, and I couldn't stop. I was loving it. And, this is what it turned out to be. Nothing fancy, but fun.

When I delivered the cake and saw the little girl's face, it made me so happy. It's true. When you serve, you are filled with love. It's just true. I wanted to go home and make another cake for her just so I could see her reaction again. But I didn't. That would be going a little overboard.

On another note, Callie really likes BBQ chicken pizza from Papa Murphy's.


Katie said...

What a cute idea for a cake! I think you're amazing Jenny - not only for serving and following through with a cute fun cake, but to put your needs and desires on the back burner to help someone else. I want to be more like you! :) BTW- Sammy and Callie are so cute. Watching you run in circles and play was fun.

rachel said...

Jenny, that cake is absolutely adorable! You are such a good friend and a good example.

Anonymous said...

Its a wonderful idea cake,
You really amazing Jenny,

Naton wide cash is easy and fast

JAZKK Low said...

That is SUCH a cute, creative idea. So simple too! LOVE IT! Oh, and I know exactly how you were feeling...before making the cake and after. It seems like as much as I complain or grumble, it is usually all wiped away after the experience is over. I wish I could ust learn not to grumble!


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