Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuesday -- Disney's Hollywood Studios (MGM)

Tuesday morning started with breakfast with Little Einstein characters at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Our kids don't watch tv or movies yet, but our niece and nephews all knew these guys and were quite excited to get their pictures with them. It was a delicious buffet, and Samantha was actually awake to eat a little and drink. We had been worried because had slept all day Monday and when she woke up Tuesday, her diaper was dry. We wanted to make sure she stayed hydrated, and this breakfast was just the way to start off the day.

Marcus, Callie, and unknown Little Einstein character.

This Einstein character, I believe people were calling him Leo, took a liking to Sammy questions about her using only his hands, as they are not permitted to talk. It was an interesting conversation, but wonderful nonetheless. He tried to comfort Samantha as she grew weary after the breakfast. And I have to say, I grew a liking to this Leo myself. Look at him. He's just a happy guy.

Callie posing by Mickey during breakfast.

An impromptu picture of Grandpa with some of the grandkids -- and me and Marcus and Leo. Looks like Marcus is about to give Leo a piece of his mind along with a poke in the face.

I snapped this shot while Grandpa was watching Callie. He played with her as Marcus and I were riding 'Tower of Terror'. She would jump off the curb over and over again while Grandpa held her hand. I love that I caught that look on her face, just in time before she tried to run off.

The backlot of MGM. Wait a minute, I thought we were in Orlando. Tricky tricky.

We found the "Incredibles" and couldn't pass up the opportunity. Marcus commented that something about Mr. Incredible's leg muscles just look a little too unreal. Perhaps he's been using P90X.


Ashley DeMille said...

How fun! Don't you just love the Tower or Terror!!! That was my very favorite!

rachel said...

It looks like you had an awesome time. I LOVE Tower of Terror!


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