Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sharing Clothes

Sammy and Callie are pretty much in the same size of clothes. They can share shorts, shirts, and dresses for the most part. They are even starting to share therapists and theratogs. Theratog? What's that you ask? It's that blue thing with white straps all along it. That's right. Callie is wearing the bottom half of Sammy's theratog. For awhile now, I've noticed Callie has bowed legs. I pointed it out to Sammy's physical therapist, and she said to give it a few more months. Well, a few months passed, and yep, Callie's not growing out of these bowed legs. So, I got a referral from our pediatrician, and we've started therapy. The therapist is putting in an order for a theratog for Callie, but until it comes in, Callie is wearing Sammy's bottom half at night.

I have to say, it was amazing when we went to the evaluation. They took a bunch of measurements to see how far off her legs were, etc. Then, once we put the theratog on her, her bowed legs were instantly gone. It was incredible. She stood perfectly in line and straight. For Callie, her bowed legs are there because of a problem with the rotation of her hips. The straps pull her legs how they need to be. I asked about theratogs and if they are considered pretty standard for physical therapy. Our therapist said no. I was shocked, especially because every child in our therapists office uses them and we've seen huge results in Sammy, and now in Callie. Hopefully the word will get out and physical therapists will start using these more. Depending on how diligent we are, and how quickly her body responds, Callie may have to wear these for maybe 6 months. Not too bad, all things considered.

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Missy said...

It's nice that they can share clothes. Such a girly thing to do. I hope all goes well with their therapy.


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