Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thursday -- Magic Kingdom

Fourth day of our trip, second day of the Magic Kingdom. Animal Kingdom and MGM had been great (we loved the Aerosmith rollercoaster in MGM and rode that a few times), but it was the Magic Kingdom that had the most for the girls.

Sisters first thing in the morning.

Love that smile!

This one's pretty cute too.

Callie watching the cars pass on the speedway.

Callie with Iradessa (however you spell her name). It was a little disappointing that she was afraid of her, but at least she didn't cry.

Sammy with Tinkerbell.

Marcus and Callie sitting on Minnie's chair in her house in Toon Town.

Sammy trying to climb up the pole on the monorail.

Callie and Hunter became really good friends. Hunter couldn't get enough of "Cawie" and watched after her like a big brother.

We had wanted to do a half day at Epcot. When we got there, we found out our pass didn't get us in. You can't park hop. Too bad. But we did take pictures. This is Ted (brother), Peggy, Hunter, Jackson, Brayden, and yes...Callie got into their family picture. Notice Hunter holding her hand. They were really cute together.

And our little family picture.

While Marcus and I rode Thunder Mountain, my mom and dad watched the girls. Callie was having fun at this little water attraction, so I took her clothes off so she could get as wet as she wanted. She loved it. One of the best parts of this clip is that, at the end, she bends down towards the water and signs "more." Just then the water comes up. See, all you have to do is ask.

And though it was a great trip, there was definitely lack of sleep and a lot of this.

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Thad and Julie said...

Jenny, I mean really come on, I've always known Marcus to be a bit "light in the head" but labeling him Tinkerbell on your family blog- that's a bit much. Tell Marcus we'd love to see him when he is in town, and you and the girls if you happen to come. Hope the internship ends up well. Any ideas for work?


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