Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

The day before we left for Disney World was not a joyous day. Indeed, it was a sad day. Sammy had a really high fever and a bad seizure. We decided that since we were leaving at 4:30am the next day to fly across the country, we'd take her into the doctor to make sure there was nothing more serious than a bug. I would never forgive myself if she died of swine flu while we were riding "It's a Small World." So, off to the ER we went. Sammy slept the entire time there and had a lot of tests done. We made it through the night, and Sunday morning we were off. (Thanks Cherie for picking us up so insanely early in the morning!)

Sunday travel was not the best. Sammy is usually a pretty good traveler, but not this trip. She cried (screamed) for quite a while, and that's just plain stressful for parents. But, we got there. The Disney Magical Express picked us up from the airport, picked up our luggage for us, and got us to our hotel. We grabbed something to eat in the hotel and met up with the rest of the family. By the end of the day -- after all the travel and time change, Sammy looked like this (see below) and we all felt like the way she looked.
Sammy so tired.
We had a meal plan and were able to get food right there at the hotel. It was very convienent. We usually chose to do carry-out. Eating in our room was much easier than trying to get Callie to sit still at a table.
Callie found a few new toys. One was the remote.
The other was the dresser drawer.
Bed time. Look at that smile of relief. We loved bed time, each and every day!

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