Friday, August 14, 2009

House for Sale

Some friends of ours here in Spokane have recently been forced to move due to the economy and a job. Luckily they do have a job, but it puts them in a difficult situation. They bought a home here in Spokane and fixed it up with intentions of living here the rest of their lives. Little did they know that they'd have to leave this home and the $20,000 they put into the house. Just like many others, their home isn't selling. They have already moved and are just waiting for the house to sell, which they desperately need it to. I got a call from her tonight telling me that they have decided to drop the price, yet again. They bought the house for $117,000 and are now asking $119,900. The house is really cute. Their renovations look fabulous, and if Marcus and I had the money, I would definitely want to buy it -- even if it were only for rental property (especially since rental value has gone up).

For anyone in Spokane who is looking for a nice home, or anyone who is interested in rental property, check this house out. The old price is still up on the website, but after this weekend the new price should be posted. The house is close to the hospital, schools, church building (for LDS folks), public transportation, and the mall. It would be a perfect home to rent to all the Gonzaga law students or Eastern students who come up to Spokane. Check it out.

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