Sunday, February 7, 2010


Callie has discovered that she loves to color. We have to be very careful with this. Sometimes it's great. Church is a little easier when you have a kid who likes to color and draw. But the other day, Callie found a Sharpie laying around...and well, we are very lucky that Marcus noticed very quickly. I was out and got a phone call.

"Jenny? How close are you to being home?"
"Maybe 10 minutes. Why?"
"We could use your help scrubbing."

hmmm Is Sharpie permanent marker removable? I guess when the angels are on your side because after some intense scrubbing, they were able to get it off of the piano and wood floors. Woa. That was a close call friends.


Gordon and Robyn said...

My nephew, Gavin, once came across a sharpie and drew a cat nose and whiskers (really big and thick) on his face. Shian couldn't get it off his face so he had to be a cat for a couple of days. He hasn't done it again. The pictures are so funny!

Courtney said...

oh boy. that's really funny. Bria always BEGS me for sharpies if she sees them. I'm just glad the scribbling done on our walls, doors, furniture, and toys have all been made by crayons so far.

Soren and Kilee Nickels said...

I have heard that sunscreen gets sharpie out, especially out of piano keys. Not sure why I remember that, but if you still have some left you could try that. What a mess! I don't envy you and know I have similar messes to look forward to.


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