Friday, February 5, 2010


It's official. Sammy says "MO" -- translation: more.

Yep. My girl is so smart I'm about doing flips here. I've been thinking for a little bit that she was saying it...but today there was no way to deny it.

Driving home from school. Handing pretzels to her in the back seat.

"Sammy? Do you want more? Mmmmmore?" silence as I wait for a response.


"Yeah!!!! Sammy, mmmmore mmmmore mmmmore pretzels!"

She giggled and giggled and ate her pretzels while I laughed my little heart out...and she laughed more. Life is joyous isn't it?


Adespain said...

Seriously Jenny, as I catch up on your posts, you make me cry. That is so amazing for Samantha. I love that feeling when you suspect your little lovebug has caught onto something but when the moment happens and you KNOW- wahoo! As you so nicely put it!

And since I didn't want this to be twenty pages long, I emailed you my thoughts on your nanny dilemma.

maryirene said...

yeah!!! way to go sammy. wish i could hear it in person. she's so cool.


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