Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to Teach Your Baby Math -- Glenn Doman

How To Teach Your Baby Math: The Gentle Revolution How To Teach Your Baby Math: The Gentle Revolution by Glenn Doman

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If you have read any of his other "How to Teach Your Baby..." books, the background history and whatnot is a little repetitive, but I totally believe his concepts and actually purchased the materials. (I'm making my own materials for the other programs...and he teaches you specifically how to make them...I just didn't want to do that for the math program.) I love how his books give step by step instruction. I really feel like his goal is to teach parents how to help their children instead of trying to "sell" his idea. If he was trying to do that, the materials to be purchased would be way more expensive, and the institute that he runs for children wouldn't be free. I truly believe his intentions are altruistic -- and I believe what I have read. The reading program with Callie is still going why not believe him?

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