Thursday, February 11, 2010


The other day I decided I wanted to spend some special Mommy/Daughter time with Callie. Cookies. She loves cookies and she loves cooking. Great idea Jen! Sometimes I can just be so smart it kills me. We washed our hands -- which Callie loves doing. Starting off real swell. I had already made up the cookie dough (I know, making the cookie dough seems like it would be fun to do together, but she has a very short attention span, so I thought we'd just skip that part) so I just gave her little balls of cookie dough and she plopped them down on the cookie sheet. I started telling her where to put them, but then I thought "Jen-babe, relax. Let these be her cookies" and she started putting them where ever she pleased. And really, it should be that way. We were joyfully preparing our cookies when with such speed she grabbed one of the uncooked cookies and shoved it in her mouth. Wow! I was impressed, a little annoyed because there was raw egg in there afterall...and the fact that she decided she needed to be so quick about it illustrates the fact that this smart cookie knew I would have discouraged her from putting raw cookie dough in her mouth...but that's neither here nor there. I've had my share of raw cookie dough. A girl's got to start some time, right? So, here's Callie, in all her cookie glory -- having it ooze out of her mouth as I ask her to smile for me. What a sweet little girl!

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rachel said...

Funny! What a fun post.


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