Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bench or Bucket?

HELP!!! My current stress level is through the roof I tell you! We need a car...yesterday. We're looking at minivans. I need input. We have found a couple good options within our price range, but am I willing to give up the bucket seats in the first row of the back seat?! I don't know. I've done the bucket seats. I love the bucket seats. But we can get a car for the same price that is 20,000 miles less if I go with a bench. That's a lot, right?

So, you who have minivans, or opinions, give me your advice...please. I'm pleading. With the daily driving, is the bucket seat really that much of a difference? Do you have the bench and it works just fine?

Need to know. And why can't I get this annoying font to get any smaller!!!!??? Sometimes Blogger drives me crazy. Anyone else out there? Sheesh


Heather said...

I LOVE the bucket seats . We push them together when we do a road trip so I can sit in the back and be closer to Garrett but I really don't even like them pushed together. It is just so much easier to have the kids right there when you open the door.

Jordan and Ariana said...

I love our bucket seats, but a bench is doable if the doors open on both sides of the van. Plus, you get an extra seat. If I was getting a van again I would go for less mileage. You want something that will last a long time.

Nola said...

I agree that lower mileage could be worth the sacrifice. We have 3 buckets seats across the middle and love it. The middle seat on the middle row actually moves up, which makes traveling by myself with a rear facing baby SO much easier. I am sure a bench would be doable though. I can't wait to hear what you decide.

The Bobos said...

Hey so I read your post about that anonymous commenter and can I just say THANK YOU for standing up for yourself?!?!!? What a brat that person was. You are one of the most AMAZING mothers I have ever known and I love reading about how you raise your children. I completely agree that if we do not feel comfortable with what our kids watch, we shouldn't let them watch it. End of story. I do not like Cailou, I never have. Natalie repeats everything she learns from TV: she can count to 10 in Spanish from Dora and sings the Backyardigan songs constantly. You just keep doing what your doing Jenny!!! You're awesome!!

Marci said...

Jen -

Looks like your cat's outta the bag. :) I ALSO read your awesome rant about the crazy who commented on your tv censure. You know what? PARENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO CENSURE WHAT THEIR CHILDREN WATCH. And they do it for lots and lots of different reasons.

Sam hardly watched anything at all since he's so visual (like I am) and is easily scared. He gets nightmares easily. So... ??? He watches Word World and Super Why. A few others, but that's it. Mainly PBS shows with no "bad guys". I've taken a bit of criticism for those decisions even from some family members. But you know what?

It's YOUR child and YOU know best. Always. The end.

And I'm a fan of throwing my TV out the window lots of days. My kids don't need it, are happier without it, and need less blingy, flashy, loud entertainment without it.

You must be popular to have all these anonymous comments! Crazy, my friend. Crazy. You should just do a post... "Dear Anonymous. Up Yours." But maybe that's a bit too brash. :)

LOVE YOU Jen Jen Phen Phen. :) Let's get together again soon, okay???at

Erin said...

Not sure if it's too late and you already bought the van, but we have a bench that can be turned into bucket seats, if that makes sense. And to be honest, it's nice to have the extra seat in the middle row. We have it in so we can bring more people in the van. :) Hope you are with a car now! So sad I we missed eachother in MI. Hopefully our schedule for a visit with overlap sometime!! :)


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