Thursday, August 19, 2010


We all have nicknames, right?

I was born Jeanette. I go by Jenny to most, Jen to some -- Jeanette to my mom and some other family members. I like all those names. Don't call me Jennifer and we'll remain friends. But Jen, Jenny, or even Jeanette are all fine and acceptable.
Marci, who I call Marse -- though I've been known to call her Marse Farse Carse Larse, calls me Jen Jen Phen Phen.Emily, who I call Em, used to call me Jeanettey Speghetti. Maybe she just called me that once or twice, but it stuck in my memory.
I've always called my sister Lisa, Lees.
Quinn was Quinnith.
Later in college, that -ith transferred over to Becky, and she became Beckith.

Nicknames. Most of us have a few.
But, there is one girl who has more than anyone else I've ever known. Introducing...

Sammy Lee
Sammy Sam
Sammy Sam Sam
Sammy Samwich
Samantha Bantha
Li'l Sammer
Sammer Jammer
And Grandpa Green's favorite:
Samantha, the Bantam Menace

I know I'm missing a few...but this was just from the top of my head. She already has so many names, and poor girl, I see no sign of us slowing down on coming up with any more! I mean really, is this normal?


The Nelsons said...

My kids have so many nicknames it's ridiculous. I guess I'm just a nickname lover. I could give you QUITE a list. ;-)

Becky said...

Yes and I LOVE it! (I know she does too) Just don't call me Besty and we can be friends too.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Definitely normal. :) My Emily is Ems, Em, Emmy, Emmy Pemmy, Peanut, Moose, Cutie Face, Stinky Patootie, and on and on. :)

Scott said...

Don't forget about "Mander" and "Samander".

Jenny said...

oh yeah...good ole Mander. These were one of her very firsts. I knew I was missing some.


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