Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm in love. Real, true love. Marcus is great, so are the girls, but my new love is Dad's camera. See, I'm in the market for a camera -- a really good one -- and I've narrowed it down to 2. Any input is appreciated, because though I've asked for this input before, I'm serious now. I'm buying a camera within the next few months.

Nikon D90 -- I'm a little bit of a Nikon snob. Not sure why. Perhaps it's because that's what my dad has always used. And most of my cameras have been Nikons. I've heard great things about this camera -- seen great images from the camera, etc. Overall, I'm a fan.

Canon Rebel: Also have heard good things. In fact, I was recently informed that this camera has a stabilizing component in it which makes it more user friendly -- especially for the novice photographer. (That's me by the way.) I still have to look into that to see if that's true or not...but though I'm not a huge Canon fan, this is a rather compelling deal, and one I need to truly consider.

So, what it will come down to is peer reviews, how comfortable I am using the camera -- do I like it, can I feel it -- and price, of course. And, I'll need to buy another lens too, so, ya know. Price really is a big factor.

While in Michigan, I played around with Dad's camera -- the Nikon. This was my first "test" and I have to say, I was rather happy. Here are some shots of Callie that I took that day.

That was just basically a sequence of her running, but it makes me so so happy. I still have to try out the Canon...but I have to say with that camera in my hands and getting some of those was an experience. Instead of just taking pictures, I felt like I was experiencing a moment and I could more easily capture that. I know that sounds so cheesy, but it made me so happy and looking at the pictures reminds me of that. No matter what I decide, shooting with my dad's camera made me realize that it is important to me to buy a camera like that. It's really worth it.


lesley said...

We have that Canon Rebel. And we've loved it! So easy to use, yet offers enough advanced features that as you learn more about photography the camera advances with you. Plus, we bought it online in a package deal that included a zoom lens which we've had a lot of fun with (great for sporting invents, any outdoor activities, etc). Oh, and we got a 50 mil which I can tell has a lot to offer but I haven't spent enough time with it yet.

Only complaint - and I'm not sure if it's the camera or users, but sometimes I feel like I'm not capturing the best color possible. Like someone will take a shot with just a point and shoot camera and their color will look so good. Maybe I need to white balance? I don't know....just thought I'd pass that on.

Heather said...

I recently bought a Canon Rebel and I love it! I took a couple of photo classes at UVSC and I had a Nikon Film camera. It was nice as well, I am not sure if I can compare them because I am shooting such different pictures. (moving kids VS set up objects :) ) I also bought a 55 mm lens that I love. I still use my point and shoot a lot and it is a canon, I am not a canon snob but both mine are canons. I am sure you will love which ever one you go with. It is so fun to capture moments like you want to.

Erin Ames said...

Hey Jenny....crazy I was just going to do a post about this. I'm currently camera shopping and debating between the canon rebel T1i and the Nikon D5000. The D5000 is a step down from the D90 but still a great camera. I'm currently leaning towards the D5000 because well the camera dude at Bestbuy convinced me it was a slightly better camera. He too was a Nikon snob and it's rubbed off on me. Anyway let me know if you learn that one is way better than the other.

Gordon and Robyn said...

I've just gotta say, Callie looks so much like you to me in the second to the bottom picture. Her facial expression screams Jenny to me.

Wow! She has become such a big girl!

Natalie said...

This may sound silly, but I like the way the Nikon's feel in my hands... The canon rebels I looked at just had a smaller grip that bothered me... seeing as I was going to be using this camera quite a bit, I wanted it to be comfortable in my hands:) Just a thought. The D90 has vibration reduction, essentially the same thing as the stabilizing component in the Canons

Beth schell said...

We have the Nikon and love it. I am so happy!


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