Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts on Boo and the Mockingbird

I love going home. Who doesn't? Well, actually I know a few. But I am among the many who love going home. There are certain smells that remind me of home -- the smell of dirt and grass, blooming flowers, and our maple trees -- Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion and sandy beach towels -- even Dad's old paint van that still wreaks of lingering toxic fumes, I'm sure -- they all float around me in the thick Michigan air, and I feel at home. I love home. I would have no problem buying my parents home from them and settling down there myself. In my dream world, that would be pretty fantastic -- though my dreams also involve a little remodeling, but that's another story.

As our plane landed in Michigan, I had no idea I would have some of the feelings that overwhelmed me while there. I know I love home, but I had no idea that I would crave it. Even being there, it's as if I couldn't get enough. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the time we had to create new memories, I was flooded with memories of when I was but a wee lass.

On our second day, I took Samantha and Callie for a walk through the subdivision. I walked down our long driveway and turned left, headed toward Oakleaf. As I approached Elder, I saw the house that had long struck fear into the depths of my soul. As a girl, this house, sitting on the corner, was dreadfully scary. In my memory, I recall this corner house being protected by a perimeter of overgrown trees and bushes. However, you could see glimpses of the house through the growth. The house was, and remains, gray. I lived in an older neighborhood, and many of the homes have been updated. This home remained one of the older styles. There was always an ominous feel about this corner house. I never saw a soul walk in or out. It was as if Westacres had it's own Boo Radley.

Today, the home looks quite nice. The lawn is nicely manicured and the trees are beautifully placed. Though the house is the same gray, there is a brightness to it that it lacked in my younger years. I took note of this, remembering how terrified I used to be of that house and wondered if my memories were falty, or if I had just always had a distorted view of this home. Was I afraid of this home because of an overly active imagination? Because after all, this is somebody's home. Somebody's home who loves the smells of home -- just like me.

It seems to me that most all of us have a Boo Radley in our neighborhoods. And if he's not in our neighborhoods, he's at the park, or he's in our school. When we see "him," or his "home," we get an inner warning telling us that it's bad or scary. Sometimes this may be right. But sometimes we are just being ignorant and mean.

I'm not sure how to find the proper balance. There are some things that I can tell the Spirit is trying to tell me -- to warn me. But when it comes to situations like this...what if Scout had always followed her "gut" or the feeling she had about Boo being strange. Instead, she investigated and found out that he was actually a really good guy. What if I neglect an opportunity to serve, or make a friend, based on a silly preconceived notion in my mind about someone? And how do I know it's just a silly preconceived notion in my mind, or a serious prompting to avoid a person or place? I want to be a good person, but I always want to remain safe, and keep my family safe.

It's just so complicated.

I am happy to report, though, that I am no longer afraid of the house on the corner. I'm feeling good about saying that I truly believe that those who live there are good people -- and I'm rather confident in saying that the people who lived there while I was growing up are/were good people too ... they just didn't take care of the lawn so well I suppose.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the Park with Cousins

It's been so fun to be with my niece and nephews since we've been here. They recently just left for a family trip, and everyday Callie asks me "Where's Alex? I love Alex? Where's Lindsay? I love Lindsay. Where's Ian? I love Ian. Where's Nutmeg? (the dog) She in her cage?" Oh goodness Callie loves her cousins. If she's not saying the above, she's saying "Mommy, where's cousins?" I wish they were still here, but at least while they were Callie was able to spend time with them and love them! Sammy had a lot of fun too. One of the days with them we went to a gorgeous park. I loved it. So did the girls.

Sammy was able to drive around a little bit.

Which was a perfect "toy" for her since she loves spinning things.

And there was a sledding hill (that was huge) that the kids liked rolling down -- and trying to run down. Callie walked up, but was afraid to come down. But alas, down she came. That's one cool thing I miss about Michigan. They have sledding hills throughout the area -- complete with "sledding rules" posted. I should have taken a picture of that.

There was a little "river" or creek that ran through the park. The kids liked walking through that.

Callie loved it.

Anything with rocks and mud makes a good combo for her.

And anything she can dip her head in. I was talking to Lisa, and I look over and see Callie bending over and dipping her head in -- guess she needed to cool off. She's just the cutest little bug! Cuter and cuter everyday.

This trip has been different than we originally planned. My mom ended up getting sick and had emergency surgery last Thursday. She's been in the hospital ever since, recovering, but our plans have been...well, there's been no real plans since she got sick. We've done some things, but for the most part we've just hung around home. Yes, this isn't the Haubert way, however, I feel grateful that we are here for my mom. Marcus has watched the girls everyday so I can go up to the hospital and sit with her for a little bit -- relieving my dad so he can get some things done. Today, perhaps it's because our time is quickly ending, I am filled with so much gratitude for my family and that we are here now -- as not ideal as it is sitting around not doing a ton -- I feel blessed to be sitting with my mom everyday...holding her hand, talking to her, getting her ice chips, calling her friends, sending her emails, etc. After years of her taking care of me, I can take care of her in a sense, even if it's for a short, insignificant amount of time.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pure Cuteness

Oh how I love this girl!

(yes yes, that's her hair...the humidity has quite a number on her locks)

Painting with water! I love these...and so does she.

Southbend Part 2: College Football Hall of Fame

While we were in South Bend, we took the opportunity to pay an overpriced ticket to see the College Football Hall of Fame. I thought it was actually pretty cool, but Marcus apparently was a little disappointed. I don't know...you can't expect too much for that kind of thing. I'm glad we went, but Marcus says he'd never recommend going. So, take it or leave it. Whatever.

BYU nicely represented as you enter.

I'm assuming that Y is for BYU not Yale -- it makes me happier.

Listening to a pep talk from a coach during half time.

Ty Detmer Hall of Famer locker.

Yes, we did find it necessary to take pictures next to anything BYU we found.

Like, Steve Young's face...

and Jim McMahon (who apparently wasn't too kind about BYU in the past -- thus the face from Marcus).

Goodbye South Bend, Indiana. It was fun visiting your rundown, old town. Notre Dame is great, down town is cute...and we had a great date (and a 3 hour drive back).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Southbend Part 1: Notre Dame

While we're in Michigan, we're trying to take advantage of being close to certain places...like Notre Dame I suppose. Yes, my sister watched the girls for us while we had a date driving 3 hours to visit the Notre Dame stadium (and campus). We adore our girls, but the ride was much more pleasant with just us two! Thanks Leese!

We couldn't get in the stadium, so we had to do with taking pictures outside of it. Here's the box office. Yes, enthralling I know.

Outside of the stadium again. I have to say, it was kind of cool that the stadium is right there on campus...in fact, right across from the library. It gave it a cool feel.

Come on. Who doesn't love Lou Holtz? Am I right, or am I right?

This is my best Knute. Oh Rockne, what a man (though I had no idea who he was before we went there. Marcus had to fill me on some college football history while we were there.).

The famous "touchdown Jesus." This is actually the face of the library. There is something about university campuses that I love. I'm not sure what it is. Well, I'm pretty sure it's because I'm a nerd, but I love the energy of a campus -- of higher learning. I don't know. We walked around the library a little and it reminded me a lot of BYU's library -- though ours is much much much bigger. I mean, BYU is superiour, right?

The stained glass inside the basilica was gorgeous. It really was. So, what is the difference between a cathedral and a basilica? I know you are dying to know. Well, we learned while we were there. A cathedral is the home church building of a cardinal. A basilica is just an honor appointed by the Vatican. Interesting.

Aside from campuses, libraries, and old furniture, I love old doors. The main building there -- which they call the Main Building -- was filled with gorgeous old wooden doors. I loved them. I know, silly, but they really were so beautiful. Too bad I'm actually covering it up.

Outside the Main Building. It really was quite idyllic. And though I look the part, I am NOT prego my friends!

This was a wooden chapel that we found on the outskirts of the campus. Apparently they still hold small weddings in there. I wanted to go in, but it was locked. This was the first chapel, I believe, that was built on the campus. You know me, anything old...I love.
It was a fun little trip. I was impressed with the campus. I thought it was really gorgeous and peaceful...but even still...that would never justify the cost for me. $38,500. Yikes. BYU, I'll stick with you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Father's Day

This was the first year in many that I've been home for Father's Day, and I just now realized that I didn't even get a picture with my own dad. hmm That's just too bad. But I did get pictures with Marcus and the girls in our back yard.

I really did attempt to get a picture with the girls and Marcus all together, but Sammy clearly was not cooperating. (Sidenote: That house in the background is my neighbor's house. It's for sale for $265,000...and everyone here is saying it's overpriced! Wow! I'll buy it thanks.)

So we went for individual pictures with Daddy this year...Callie and her daddy.

Oh, and I guess I don't have a picture with Samantha and her daddy either. Bummer.

But here's our family picture that my nephew, Ian, took for us. I guess it'll do for Father's Day 2010.
If this video comes up, this gives a glimpse of the fun they had. I can't seem to get it working right now. It was a really nice day though...one thing that was really fun for me was playing with my neice and nephew and having them play around with the girls. All of us were playing around in the backyard doing our own thing. I'm sure I've said this too many times already, but I love it here. I would love living on an acre again.


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