Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nativity Story

By request, here is last Christmas's family film.

A Nativity Story

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas and Babies

We had a truly lovely Christmas. It was fun to be surrounded by family and it was exciting to open presents. I enjoyed seeing the girls get excited about new toys...it was a little magical to hear Callie talk about Santa bringing her a bike and toys. I've enjoyed all of us hanging out in the family room together and talking or playing video games or watching movies while Sammy breaks a light bulb from the lamp or Callie breaks a bowl. I mean, those are some special times. It was a great Christmas and I couldn't have asked for more (other than my parents being here too).

You all know that we have started the adoption process, and as I've mentioned, it seems like the paperwork is going through even faster than it did for Callie. I've been really nervous about this baby because it seems like the jump from 2 to 3 kids is a big one. We'll need to buy a new car. And I only have 2 hands ya know? I get nervous. But I've also had the reassurance that this is right and that makes me excited and helps put my fears aside. But even still, I get a little worried. That's only human right? Well the past 2 days have been interesting for me. I feel ready all of a sudden. Not that I'm stupid enough to think that "oh, it'll be so easy to have a 3rd child." NO, not at all. I know it will be an adjustment for our family and our lifestyle, but we are ready for that...and I really feel....ready. In fact, last night we were with the extended family, and while we were there, I really felt like I should have been holding a baby. It was odd. That has happened only once before over the past couple months, but last night it was so much stronger. I can only imagine that that is Heavenly Father's way of preparing me, to some degree anyway.

I kind of got excited about that experience...imagining what it would be like if we got a baby soon. It's a little overwhelming, but what an amazing experience that would be for our family to spend time together with our new baby before Marcus starts working. There would be nothing keeping him from being around. (Update on Marcus: He's hopefully defending his dissertation in February!!!) If we have to travel anywhere for our baby -- out of state again like we had to for Callie -- and stay there, he'll be able to do that with me this time. But, that's all under the unlikely circumstance that there's a baby in the next few months for us.

Either way, baby now or later, I feel so blessed right now. I know there is a baby out there for us, and my arms are beginning to really ache for him/her. It's an awesome feeling.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Carol

Last year, as a little Green family, we created a video version of the Nativity. We decided that this would be our new tradition. Well, we didn't want to do the exact same movie, so this year we chose A Christmas Carol. That's right -- 2 kids and, I think, 7 characters! This story, in particular, has a lot of memories attached to it as it was a tradition for my family growing up to go and see it performed around Christmas time. Apparently my parents didn't get out to see it this year...maybe this will count. It's longer than our video last year, but if you are interested, sit down, enjoy some music and a story, and be grateful for the spirit of Christmas.

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pressing Forward

Tomorrow I am teaching a part of the Young Women's Christmas lesson. I've taken a lot of time to think about this, and I keep coming to "Pressing Forward." This isn't quite the typical Christmas message, but I do think it applies quite well.

There was a time when people were anxiously awaiting the birth of their Savior. Now, we anxiously await the Second Coming -- and we need to be prepared. We have amazing young women who are faithful and strong. So, what more can I tell them but to press forward in faith? My hope is to encourage them to continue on the path they are taking, to be faithful -- even when there are those around them saying that these girls are crazy or stupid for believing what they do.

As I was lying in bed the other night, I was going over some of my thoughts for the lesson...and that led to other thoughts. I started thinking about my life with Marcus and our girls. I started to think about how we are living with my in-laws, have no income (though the next day that was solved -- more to come), and we are adopting? Are we crazy?! Then I thought, "People probably think we are the stupidest people they have ever met." Because really, it seems like the craziest time to even consider adoption...and not just because we are living with our in-laws and have no job. (I already told you we were crazy.) We already have Sammy who takes a lot of time, and Callie is still young on top of that. So, why would we adopt!?

Because it's what we know we need to do.
Not for us, necessarily, but we need to do it because we have felt prompted to do so.

For some reason, at this time, Heavenly Father wants us to prepare ourselves for another child. I've had several little experiences that remind me that Marcus and I must press forward with this adoption. We need to finish all the paperwork. We need to be prepared. I'm not sure when we'll actually hold our next baby in our arms. But I do know that if He were to come tomorrow and look me in the eyes, and we had shied away from this adoption because of how "crazy" it seems right now, I would be ashamed. I would be ashamed because I KNOW it's what He has planned for us to be doing right now. Perhaps the plan isn't to have a baby today, maybe it's still a year from now, but either way, we press forward because it's what we've been told we, personally, must do right now. To me, pressing forward implies action -- force -- work -- acting on what we know, not passively watching or waiting. So, we try to do that. And I'm better in some areas than I am in others. But that's ok. We keep pressing forward.

I'm really not trying to toot my own horn here, because I recognize that there are so many areas where I lack. But I have found so much peace in doing what I feel like we've been told to do. I imagine it's how Callie feels when she takes her shoes off and puts them in the box in the hallway and we jump up and down. She gets really happy knowing she's done what is expected of her. I guess, I'm feeling that way right now. Happy. And, one day in the relatively near future, we'll have our reward snuggled up in our arms. That's pretty amazing.

A note on the Adoption Process:
Here in California background checks get done very quickly because it's all online. We only have a couple more things to do and then we're ready. We started the process in October, and we're already close to approval. With that said, our caseworker told us that if a baby were to appear for us tomorrow, they would do what they needed to to make it work because we're that close to being there.

I remember last year when we got the phone call about Callie. There was no emotional prep time. We didn't know about her until she was already born and ready to come home with us. It was so fast. But it was such a blessing. She is such a blessing. Will that happen again? Who knows. But we'll be prepared.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Portraits of Mormon Women

My mother-in-law wrote this lovely article. It's worth a few minutes to read.


I hope to be as good as this little guy one day! Hey, if you can play...who needs words?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa and Sammy

Today Santa came and visited Sammy's preschool class. Sammy sat so well on Santa's knee that the photographer took about 50 pictures of them! She was so happy and content sitting on his lap. Guess Santa is magical after all.

Merry Christmas to all....

Even though Callie's not in Sammy's class, they let her have a picture with Santa and even made a present for her to take home too! What great teachers Sammy has!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Book Thief

My last book, most likely, of 2009 was fabulous. I've read some great books this year and this did not muddy up my list one bit. I loved this book. I truly loved this book. LOVED it. I did cry, but I also laughed and longed to know the characters more. It left me thinking a lot about these people who I had come to know. I felt very deeply for these characters. I just loved it loved it loved it and suggest it to everyone! The most interesting part was that to me, though this took place during WWII, it was not about WWII. It was background to the real story. And the perspective it is written in is so unique. Once again, loved it. Read it people.

"A mysterious narrator gives an account of a young girl who has an unusual vice: she steals books. Death comes for the girl’s brother as she and her mother wait for a train to take them to a foster home where the children will be safe. It is he, the collector of souls, who is the only witness to the girl’s first thievery, and he begins to follow her story.

Life in Liesel’s new home is a difficult adjustment, plagued with nightmares, but through them, she and her foster father form a bond through reading the book Liesel has stolen: a grave-digger’s manual. As Liesel grows, over and over written words touch her life: abook stolen from the embers of a Nazi bonfire, from the mayor’s library, written to her by a man in hiding.

Death follows her story as a foreigner in her world, relaying the sequences of events with raw imagery and striking language, often creating the feel of a black-and-white picture with one color highlighted through it. Liesel’s journey is both joyful and heart-rending, harsh and beautiful. This is the most unusual World War II story I’ve ever read."

(This summary was taken directly from this website.)

Trusting in the Lord

My good friend, Rachel, sent this to me tonight. I love how life doesn't turn out like we plan, but if we're patient, we see how it turns out better than we could have planned. Depending on our particular circumstance or trial, it may take us longer to get to the point where we see the blessings that come from our trials, and our life molding into something far more beautiful than we could have orchestrated ourselves. With each new step in my life -- each new "adventure" that I must overcome, I hope that I am able to more quickly turn to the Lord for His support and guidance. Until then, I'm face with one trial after another until I master humility -- and that may take a lifetime.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm grateful for a couple things today.

#1 -- Sammy slept until 8:55am this morning, and it wasn't longer because we had to wake her up! WHAT?! Wake her up? That's right. This little punkin' slept in. Sure I was in a panic starting around 7am, but I didn't dare go in to check on her, for fear that my paranoia was just that...paranoia...and that I'd wake her up.

#2 -- Good phlebotomists. Today Sammy and Callie got their blood drawn (mainly because we had the worst pediatrician appointment known to mankind on Tuesday...story to come later). Sammy, with her good night sleep, was very chipper and the phlebotomists were very entertaining as they drew their samples. Sammy didn't cry at all. In fact, she gave a giggle. A giggle?! Yes. What a sweetheart. Callie had a harder time, but when they were done she thanked them anyway.

#3 -- Lasagna. Just because I like it and it finished my day off well.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

For Carly

For many, this will sound just like screams and babbles, but for Carly, Sammy's SLP (speech therapist) back in Spokane, this may be fun to hear. Carly, we love and miss you!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Last night we went to get our Christmas tree -- and it really felt like Christmas to me. This year has been different because we are already here, physically. There will be no traveling or anticipation of travel...and it's fabulous...but it has also delayed my holiday feeling. Christmas carols have helped, but last night as we got into the car and left the house, it really felt like Christmas.

As you can see in this little video, Sammy was pretty excited to go tree shopping. It is a short clip, but she was jumping throughout the whole parking lot.

And there's nothing like a good chain-saw to make one smile and giggle. Yes, it really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sammy Takes On The World

We all know that Sammy loves opening and shutting doors, but now she has a new favorite. She loves spinning this globe!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Callies Does Football

Callie has learned some football signs. This was perfect timing for the incredible BYU v. Utah game!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Callie Counts

A few weeks ago was exciting. I think I mentioned it before, maybe not. We were reading books together when she just started counting the objects on the page. I was in shock! It was perfect. I've tried to get video of her doing it since, and I got a really great one. But unfortunately I accidentally deleted it. Isn't that just so typical?! So, this just has to do.


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