Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We have been smitten with each of our children.  There has been something very magical about each of our children's individual stories...when we first met them.

Micah is sealed to these 2 crazies.  The girls are happy about it, he's rather concerned.

Samantha was a love story that began early on. We were so excited. I loved being pregnant, feeling her grow and move. Looking back, all I remember is the beauty of that time. I feel so blessed that I had that opportunity to be pregnant, to experience life within me. I realize that experience is a gift and don't take it for granted. After she was born, she was placed in my arms. She was this new life...pure and when others saw her imperfections, all I could see was how perfect she was. We were in love. She has never lost that fresh born innocence. She is a rare gift and I don't take that for granted either.  She is a gift that brings purity to our home.

No, Sammy didn't look like this when she was born...her baby pictures are on the other computer.  But I can assure you she was adorable.

Callie's love story began, much like her personality. Swift. Full of energy and momentum. After only about a month after being approved for adoption, I received a phone call. She had already been born and was waiting for us. Sammy and I flew out to Michigan...back to my home...to pick her up. I don't know why, but I was so nervous as I waited for her to be with us. That night, this tiny new creature was placed in my arms and all the nerves melted away. She filled my heart with so much oozing crazy love. I was actually surprised at how intensely I loved her so immediately...after only even knowing about her for a few days. That love deepened quickly. I remember sitting on my parents couch, only weeks later, and feeling that deep bond of mother and daughter. Callie has always been observant, curious, cautious yet adventurous. She is a gift that brings life and energy into our home.  We are so in love with her and her contagious laugh and smile.

Callie.  1 week old.

Scotty and Annie's wedding.  Our two baby dolls.

Micah was a longer journey...but full of love nonetheless.  After failed adoptions and a lot of heartbreak, Lindsey entered our lives.  Over the months, we fell in love with Lindsey and her family.  I felt as if she was a part of our own family, our hearts slowly being knit together by a maternal bond. In the delivery room, I played a different role than when I was last there. Before, I was the one laying on the bed, laboring to bring our child into the world. Now, I was there helping Lindsey as she labored to bring our child into the world. It was overwhelming and one of the most precious experiences I've ever had. Micah is a gift that brings unity (and more testosterone) in our home.  We love our little boy so much.

Mr. Man all gussied up for his newborn photo shoot

We feel very blessed and fortunate to have 3 amazing children who have added more depth and love to our lives. And...we feel incomplete. I wonder what our next love story will be like. I wonder if it will take long like Micah's did, or if it will be fast like Callie. I wonder if we will meet our next birth mother beforehand and build a relationship with her, or if we will build a relationship with her only afterward. I wonder who the Lord will send to our family.

So yes, we begin the adoption process again.  It's exciting and scary to begin this all again.  But I know that going through it all will help us feel more complete.  Creating families is not easy, but it's always always worth it.

Colin and Megan's wedding
Our family...minus 1

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