Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Here in California

Yes folks, we survived the drive and we are here in California. Things have been really busy this first week but we'll be sure to get some updates posted soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sammy and Callie Meet the Dentist

Here in Washington we have what is called ABCD. It's a pediatric dental program which allows for so many dental appointments, flouride treatments, etc. I decided we better see the dentist before we leave Washington's amazing programs, and so, Monday I took the girls to their first dentist appointment. It was a huge success. The dentist said they had wonderful teeth -- he said Callie's were perfect!

I love pediatric dentist offices. They are so kid friendly.

When I tell Callie to smile, this is the face I get these days.

I couldn't get a picture of Sammy or Callie in the chair as I had to hold them during the checkup. It was no problem -- rather easy which surprised me. But, this is a picture of Callie, looking a bit fish-like with her mouth gaping open like that, as she waited for her turn with the dentist. What a fun trip! Hope we find a fun dentist in California too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last of the Physical Therapy

One of the saddest parts of us leaving is leaving behind some of our fantastic therapists. Today was Sammy's last session of physical therapy. As you can see, she has some new leg braces on her legs which we will be purchasing. They are knee splints. As her knees are locked, it forces her to move differently, to use muscles that she refuses to use. So, to Echo and Leanne, thanks for all the physical therapy. This past year has been amazing!

Monday, September 14, 2009


When Callie wakes up, she generally looks something like this:

I don't want that for the poor child. She really does have beautiful hair, I think, but this...well, this just isn't beautiful. It's something in the crazy category. I've been told by a few mamas out there that what I need to do is braid her hair after I've conditioned it and it's still wet. "Do it right there in the tub." So, in an attempt to manage the mane, I braided it after conditioning and while she was still in the tub. Callie was pretty compliant, more than I thought she'd be. I think it's actually pretty cute. Just another alternative I suppose. All the women said I could leave the braids in all week. No. I can't. I did and last night was WWIII. So, next time, I'll just leave it for a couple days like I do with the pig tails. One day I'll get it. Poor Callie.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trip to California

A couple weeks ago Samantha and I went to San Jose. We were on a mission. I had decided I was going to get everything set up for her before we got there...or at least get the ball rolling. I heard a lot of "Wow Jenny. You're so prepared." "Wow Jenny. You're so proactive." Those were all very nice, but when I got there, it was nothing like I had planned it out to be. I didn't get anything done that I couldn't have done through the mail. All my plan fell through. And my number one reason for going -- getting her pediatrician established -- fell through. I got to the appointment, and extremely long story short, he didn't see Samantha. It was a very stressful few days, and made me think "Wow Jenny. Maybe you should just take it easy and just roll with things instead of trying to take control." Not that I was trying to control things -- I was just trying to take care of things. Oh the frustration.

Our flight was delayed. While we waited in Seattle, Samantha had a fun time keeping herself occupied. She was squealing and "talking" so loudly that she was echoing off the walls. I didn't even attempt to stop her. Maybe I should have, but I was tired, and there weren't too many people around.

When we got to CA, it was pretty late, somewhere around 11 pm-ish. She was not giving any cute smiles as much as Colin and Analisa tried to get them out of her. But, the one she did let slip out was pretty cute.

Monday, September 7, 2009


In case you missed's a pretty good highlight clip. It takes a little bit to load, so give it some time. It's worth it!

We couldn't be happier over here in Spokane.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're Moving on .... Out

That's right. We're moving on the west side. Some of you know, to some, this will be news. But, after a year in Spokane, WA -- a year filled with massive amounts of snow, great friends, and a great internship for Marcus, we're headed to San Jose, CA where Marcus will work on finishing his dissertation. We feel blessed to have had this time in Spokane, and we feel blessed to have the lucky opportunity to live with his parents while Marcus works on his paper. "Lucky opportunity" you ask? Living with your in-laws is a lucky opportunity? Why, yes. I'm not stupid, there will be challenges for all of us...but it will be great because I just happen to love my in-laws. I truly do. When we adopted Callie, I was able to live with my parents for 3 months with Samantha and Callie. It was wonderful. I loved being close to my mom and dad. I loved seeing them with Sammy and Callie. And I loved their help with my new baby. And now, we'll have the opportunity to do that with Lee and Peggy. I'll get to know Granny and Grandpa (Marcus' grandparents) better, which I really have been wanting to do. We'll be around a lot of extended family. We'll have Scannie (Scotty and Annie), and Dandrea -- or Anvid, not sure yet which combination I like better -- (David and Andrea) close by. Colin and Chris (bros-in-law) will be here. How great is that?! My aunt, uncle, and cousins live not too far, and Ted and Peggy (brother's family) live not too far away in the other direction. Yippee.
So why California? Marcus will be working on his dissertation. He will need to travel to Provo, most likely, a couple times. 1) Washington -- we'd have to pay rent with no income. Travel to and from UT is a little more expensive than from CA to UT. 2) Utah -- not as many resources for Sammy and we are concerned about her therapy, etc. Furthermore, we'd still have to pay rent with no income. 3) Michigan -- way too expensive to go from MI to UT a couple times. 4) California -- $80 train ticket from CA to Provo and services are here for Sammy Sam Sam. #4 is the winner. Plus, when we prayed about it, we felt good about it.

We're sad to say goodbye, but the closer it comes, the better we feel about this decision. We are looking forward to the transition. So, at the end of the month, we'll be packing up and moving on out. (I hate packing. Grrr)

First Day of School

I love that Samantha is now in school. Just the idea of it makes me happy. I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with how she is just so small, so little...and to think of her in just makes me smile.

Sammy all ready for her first day of school.

With Daddy on the side of the school -- where her classroom is.

Waiting with Mommy at the teacher's desk.

Ready to play and learn!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Callie's First Surgery

On Friday, Callie had surgery on her umblical hernia. It was a rather simple surgery, but I got a little emotional as we waited. We had done surgeries before with Samantha that were more serious, so I was a little shocked at my reaction. Before we went back into our room, Callie was really excited to play with the cars.

In her little hospital gown. At this point, she knew something was wrong and started to get really clingy. She wouldn't let me put her down and kept a tight hold around my neck. She was a trooper though. The surgery went well, and an hour after sending her off, I was able to go back and see her. When she began to wake up, she let out a croaky "Mommy" and then "owwie." As soon as the pain medication went into her IV, she was better. It worked really quickly on her.

When we got home, she was pretty tired and worn out. Callie never sits still, and she never is interested enough to watch tv. But, I put Beauty and the Beast on. She sat on the couch and watched it. Initially, she was sitting upright. She slowly slumped over and didn't bother moving to be more comfortable.

Watching Beauty and the Beast.

By the end of the day, she was feeling better.


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