Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big Brother

When I took this video weeks ago, I just thought it was cute.  I had been spinning Micah and Sammy around on the chair and they were having fun together.  When I stopped, Micah got down and continued the adventure.

I thought it was cute.

I thought it was sweet.

As I watched today, I still think those things.  I think it's a little comical how Micah is the little brother, yet there is nothing little about him.  He's a tank (that's what he should have been for Halloween ~ instead of a dalmatian dog that looks like a cow!).  And Sammy....well...in many ways she'll always be the little sister.

That could be sad.  But, she's such a blessing.  Among many blessings she brings to our home, because of her, we have these amazing little spirits who have come to our home.  Callie and Micah are here, I think, both because of -- and for -- Samantha.

I talked to a friend last night who grew up with a brother who has many physical challenges.  She talked about how she cared for him as they grew up together.  I told her my concern that Sammy's siblings would feel a burden.  She emphatically jumped in and said how she never felt that way...how her brother was always a blessing...how he was someone uniquely special to her.  It brought me a lot of comfort.

I look at this video and see Micah, at 1 year old, spinning Sammy around.  But I think this is really just a glimpse into his and Sammy's future together -- as brother and sister.  He looking out for her...taking care of her...being the "big brother" that Heavenly Father sent him to be.  What does age matter?  I think there is no question that Micah will always be her big brother!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Laugh

Ya know some laughs that just make you laugh too?  Yep.  This one is pretty awesome.

Love this kid.

Friday, October 11, 2013

#3 is Gone

Callie's tooth has been loose for about a couple weeks now.  She has very carefully been wiggling it, but at the current wiggle rate, it was still a few weeks before it was going to be coming out.  

Today, Callie and Micah tagged along to Samantha's neurology appointment.  I kept Micah strapped into the stroller because I knew if I took him out, he'd not want to get back in.  But, he also wasn't too happy to stay in that stroller after awhile.  Callie, being the great big sister that she is, went over and tried to distract him.  He was not to be distracted.  Rudely, he took his hand and swiped Callie in the mouth.  I was in the middle of talking to the doctor, so when she curled up to me quietly crying, I just put my arm around her and tried to comfort her the best I could given the circumstances.  Moments later, she pulled away and pulled her bloody tooth out of her mouth.  Bloody tooth.  Literally.  

She was no longer crying, but shocked that Micah had ripped her tooth out.  It was still a little sore, but that went away as the doctor and I did the Lost Tooth Celebration.  

This is just 1 more reminder that Callie's growing up.  While we were in the doctor's office waiting (before the tooth was lost), I was flooded with this love for Callie.  I even teared up .  I just love her so much.  I gave her a big hug.

"Callie, do you know what you are?"
"You're my daughter and I love you.  But you're also my buddy.  I love you so so much."

It's true.  She's my bud.  I love this girl and her toothless grimace.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

I Know I'm Going to Offend Someone...but...

Facebook.  I use it.  I post.  I follow my friends.  I follow my acquaintances.  I waste time on it.  I reach out to others through it.  It's a great way of bringing people together, and at the same time, a mind-numbing past time.  Facebook has changed our culture.

Studio C.  We love it.  Marcus and I think it's really funny.  It's super clean, and considering the production and budget, we enjoy it.  It's rare to watch something that is clean and funny, and we appreciate it.

Marcus and I saw this last weekend and thought it was hilarious.  And yes, it's because we see ourselves, our family and friends in this skit.  I'm sorry.  It's just funny.  I know which facebook character I am.  Do you?

(I was going to post this on Facebook, but decided that it wasn't safe...I'd probably offend someone.  And, it's too funny to worry about offending anyone.)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Micah Turns One -- Part 2

Two days later, we celebrated Micah's birthday again.  Cousins, aunts and uncles, Grammy and Grandpa, and birth family all there to join in on the fun.  My one regret...why didn't I get a picture with everyone there?  I always think about pictures I want too late.  But, let's enjoy what we do have.  
Micah with Lindsey and Cindy

Uncle Scotty and Nate showing off his mad flexibility

Mesmerized by the candle

Sammy and Uncle Colin enjoying the party (whether it looks like it or not)

mmmm  This looks a lot like cake.  

Yep.  It's cake.  Let's get drunk on cake.

Micah and Cindy getting ready for presents

For the record, Micah loves this toy tool chest.

I guess Mom was pretty excited about this one.  I was actually.  I was looking at a sorter just a few days before, so I was excited to see my wish granted. :)

And then, this would be the final picture, with everyone who was there.  

It really was a lovely party.  We ate, laughed, played, and had a great birthday for the little man.  Boy is Micah surrounded by a lot of people who adore him.

I love you Micah.


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