Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Micro What?

Before Samantha was born, we knew she had microcephaly.  I remember the word being thrown around, but I had no idea what it was or what it meant.  Basically, the only thing I heard was the teacher in Charlie Brown spewing out terms and a whole lotta nonsense.  Oh yeah, and my undying faith that everything would be ok and she wouldn't have this mico-whatever-it-is for long.

Fast forward 8 beautiful years.

I have a daughter who has microcephaly.  It didn't go away.  In fact, the severity of it increased.  There is still so much about microcephaly that we don't know, but there is a whole lotta stuff that I do know, that isn't nonsense to me anymore.  Stuff I know...that I have one awesome daughter.  And I'm not talking just cool...she is that...but I mean AWE.SOME.  And you know what?  I have come to realize that a lot of that awesomeness is wrapped up with this microcephaly business.  Don't get me wrong, she would be awesome without it too...but I can't deny that her diagnosis...her struggles...all her imperfections make her all the more perfect.  So much better of a person than I am.  She is who I want to be like.

Today, we wear yellow (Callie wears specks of it, but it counts) with others to remind ourselves that light shines from our children, no matter what size their 'ole head is.  That Sammy may have a small head, but I think it's the heart that matters to the Lord.  I mean, isn't it true?  Who has a greater impact on our lives, in a long run, someone who looks perfect, or someone whose heart is so large you just feel good around them?  I say it's about the size of the heart.

I love our Sammykins!  And today we celebrate Microcephaly Awareness Day!


The Bobos said...

Did you know that if you do a google image search for microcelephaly a bunch of cute pics of Sammy pop up? She IS awesome!!

Marcus and Jenny said...

YAY! That's so cool. When we googled "microcephaly" while I was pregnant, we did not see cute pictures of kids. I'm glad Sammy's slathered over microcephaly on Google. Hopefully it'll help families have hope, not fear. Aw, I love Sammy!:)

The_Joneses said...

Wonderful perspective, Jenny! Very inspiring.


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