When Samantha was three months old, she was diagnosed with Primary Autosomal Recessive Microcephaly.  We were advised by the geneticist not to have any more children since we had a 25% chance of this recurring.  We were crushed.  Devastated.  Thirty minutes later, as we were driving away from Primary Children's Medical Center, Marcus said, "We can adopt."  I instantly felt stupid because it made perfect sense and felt absolutely right.  Why hadn't I thought of that when the doctor was talking to us?

Knowing that the adoption process can take some time, we went to LDS Family Services in Provo, Utah right after our 2 year anniversary (we were eligible to adopt through them after being married 2 years).  We began the paperwork and a short 8 months later, we received a phone call.  We had been selected, and the baby was waiting for us in Detroit.  This all happened so much faster than we expected and I felt very overwhelmed.  Samantha was a handful already, and we were told the average time this process took was 2 years. The caseworker told us to take our time deciding; if it wasn't right for us, it was right for someone else.  We never felt pressure from anyone but ourselves.  The next morning, I called Callie's foster mom.  As we were talking, I felt a very distinct impression that Callie was supposed to be Samantha's sister.  It was interesting since I hadn't really been worried about that as much as I was worried about if I could handle a newborn and Samantha.  But I had my answer and only 2 days later, this little bug was in my arms!

She was a tiny 4 lbs.  So small and perfect.  I fell in love with her immediately, and only a short time after felt like she was truly mine.  One day, while sitting on the couch with her, I looked down and felt like I was her mom.  It's hard to explain, but it was magical.

Callie came to our family during a very hectic time.  Samantha was 19 months old.  She was developmentally a 6 months old, and her seizures were still not under control.  But Callie came at the right time.  There was a quick bond for Callie with Samantha.  It took longer for Samantha to realize that this new baby was stickin' around, but after a couple months, they really became best friends.  Early on, Callie seemed to have a 6th sense about Samantha.  Prior to Samantha's seizures, Callie would become fussy and irritable.  I didn't realize the connection at first, but then I began to notice the pattern after my mom pointed it out to me.  I really believe that Callie and Sammy knew each other before this life.  I just do.

When Callie came to our family, there was a peace, a calmness.  I knew our family was slowly transforming into the family that we were meant to be.  She made it more complete.  I loved holding her, feeding her, sleeping with her by my side.  To this day, I still love that all.  She's extremely active, intelligent, and hilarious.  But she is also kind, gentle, helpful, and compassionate.

The day Callie was sealed to our family was one of the most beautiful days of my life.  I remember my mom bringing her into the room, and Callie in her white dress took my breath away.  I was overcome with her beauty and shining spirit.  I was sure there was not one other baby on this entire Earth that was more beautiful than she was.  We were forever bound together that day.

We are eternally grateful for Callie's birthmother.  We have unfortunately lost touch with her, but hope that we can reconnect again in the future.  She is warm, kind, selfless, and compassionate.  I think about her often and hope she really understands how much we love her and consider her a part of our hearts.  Callie knows her birth mother.  She knows her name and the type of person she is.  Callie has seen the pictures we have with her birth mother.  And Callie knows her story.  She prays that we will be able to adopt another baby soon, as we all do.  And every single day, I offer my sincere gratitude that Callie is my daughter.

I love her with all my heart.

We are currently waiting to adopt again.  Our profile can be read here


Christina Ventura-Dipersia said...

This post is so beautiful, it makes me want to cry! I have always felt a strong desire to adopt. I feel like it's part of my destiny. I have a beautiful, healthy almost 3 year old daughter with verbal apraxia, but otherwise very healthy and happy. I am happy to see that adoption can be something done very seamlessly and well. Thank you for sharing!

Marcus and Jenny said...

Hi Christina. I have to say that our journey through adoption has been such a blessing...and one that has felt very natural. I think it was just right for our family. Perhaps that feeling you have is preparing you for the right time to adopt a child yourself. Who knows? But I just keep my heart open so I can try to do what is right. Ya know> If that's your daughter in your picture...she's gorgeous! :) Daughters are great!


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