Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Callie and Caillou

As parents, we have proverbially put our foot down. Caillou and Callie can no longer be friends. That's right. It's a sad day when you have to cut off any friendship, but really now...I couldn't let this one continue.

I always thought Caillou was a nice boy. And, often he is. That's something I actually liked about him. He was a pretty good kid, and when he did get upset, there seemed to be resolution.

Recently, Callie has been moody and just pesky. She's beginning to talk back -- have I already mentioned that she tells us to "buzz off"? Yep. My 2 1/2 year old tells us to buzz off. Who are her parents anyway?! Sheesh. Do they need a lesson or two. But she's been pouting, and saying things with quite the emphatic tone, like "I don't want to!" as she crosses her arms across her chest. I'm sure to catch it on video sometime. I want her to see herself one day so when she comes to me and says "Mom, little Callie has been awfully rude lately" I can remind her of her younger years. And together I'm sure we'll laugh and laugh and...anyway. I have noticed that Callie mimics a lot of what I say. I hear her saying "ummmm" or "that's too bad" or "maybe, just try it." But I am really trying to figure out where she's getting "I don't want to!" from...I don't say it...and I know Sammy's not saying it (or is she? hmmmm).

A couple mornings ago, we were watching Caillou. He was trying to find something to wear. His daddy comes in and says, "How about this shirt Caillou?" Caillou, appalled, grabs the shirt from his father and throws it on the ground saying "I don't want this one!" Then they pick a shirt and together they smile and laugh. WHAT?! That's when I make the connection. And I notice Callie is copying Caillou. Uh-huh. No ma'am. Not in MY house is Callie going to pull something like that on me (or I mean...not anymore). And, that was the end of Caillou. I've concluded he's a little brat and I don't like his influence on my daughter.

So there you have it.
Callie still asks for him, and I just say, "Sorry, we don't watch Caillou anymore." Today while running errands, she just busted out the theme song and was so proud of herself. She even did the "do do do do do do" jingle before he says "That's me." Then she said, "I did it." Broke my heart. Sorry baby girl. It's for your own good.

Goodbye Caillou and friends -- I especially liked Clementine -- the cute little black girl that Callie always got excited about...and she loved Gilbert. That funny cat. I had never seen her laugh so hard. Ah well. Such is life.



Heather said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I is like we are having the SAME problem at our house. Just the past couple of weeks lucy has started to tell me no I don't want to and crossing her arms. She has been way more rude to me. And she too loves that show. Ok we are not watching it and hopefully it will go away! I hate to even say it but I usually am not even in the room when she watches it, I am putting Garrett down. So I didn't know he is so rude. Oh my!!

Courtney said...

That's so interesting. Shows you would think are totally safe. And it's not that they are *bad* shows, it's just that kids pick up every. little. thing.
We don't have tv, so Bria's never watched Caillou. But lately, when I ask her to do things, she just says "I can't." or "I'm tired." I think part of that comes with the age, but if I can figure out who/what taught her to say "I can't" when I ask her to help, I will get rid of it! (I have a sneaking suspicion Bria thought it up on her own though.)

Rob and Marseille said...

just wait until they have friends in Kindergarden (or go to kindy themselves-yikes!) Then they will be singing "Jingle bells batman spells" etc. They will learn all kinds of things. And ideas of how to help them realize not to be rude like the other kids?!?!

Anonymous said...

I think your really all kinda nuts for blaming a TV show for your childrens' behavior. Kids will be kids and do not so great behavior at times, no matter what they watch. Welcome to life, and learning. Good luck sheltering them and telling them everything is bad, instead of teaching them how to respond to life.
Calliou is the cutest little baldy, and shows REALISTIC life, and his parents handle him great. I feel sorry for your kids!

Tabatha said...

i completely agree with anonymous. My son was acting rudely before watching caillou and since he has started to watch this show he has actually gotten better. He especially is nicer to his little sister becuase he see's the relationship between caillou and rosie. To ban a child's show is irresponible and is lacking in taking responsibilities for yourself. Caillou is not a bad show and does not teach children to be rude.

Sara Hammond said...

I know I'm late to the party, but I just had to say how peaceful I feel when reading this. Just because it is marketed to kids and helps some kids doesn't mean it is right for all kids and all homes. Thank you for sharing your example!

Christina Ventura-Dipersia said...

I agree with a previous poster that all shows may not be appropriate for all homes - that's a great point. I know that my daughter likes peppa pig a lot, but we limit our time watching her because I don't know how she talks back to her parents a lot ("Naughty daddy!" or "No, I hate that. I don't want that!"). I do agree with previous posters that you can't blame a show for how a child behaves - it's up to you and those influential in their lives to demonstrate what is appropriate behavior - but these types of shows don't help.

I will say that I don't feel that Calliou teaches a kid to be rude - there are some weird shows out there, but that's a real good one.


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