Sunday, September 25, 2011

Freakin' Out Friday

Friday.  Oh Friday.  Sammy actually did better, in general.  I was able to be in there with her for a larger part of the session, which was nice.  But, because of that I didn't get to blogging about the day...but priorities here, ya know?  

As great as she did, for some reason, after therapy was over, I kind of freaked out.  Not in the way that you would think...all spazy and crazy like.  No, it was more of an inner turmoil thing I had going on.  She came home with this tape all over her body...kinesiotape.  We've used it before and I think it's good stuff.  It was funny because it was on her fingers, and I thought of Wolverine.  At first, I thought it was totally cool -- all hot pink therapied out.  But when I got in the car, something hit me.  It was the weekend.  We had just finished our first week of therapy.  We are 1/3 done.  And, what progress has she really made?  We only have 2 weeks left.  And as much as I've told all my friends and family that my expectations weren't huge, deep down, I think they were, even though I was unaware of it.  I have heard all this wonderful stuff about Now I Can, and so, even though I didn't know exactly what to expect, I think my expectations of .... something... were high.  Hello Jenny.  It's been 5 days.  But still.  I panicked a little bit.  And on top of that, Sammy was looking a bit -- ohhh, strange.  My beautiful beautiful daughter had hot pink tape all over her body.  She no longer looked like a miniature superhero.  She looked like a special needs child all taped up because her body doesn't work like it should.  

I was sad.  
I got home with Sammy, tried to be chipper, but I chipper, I was not.
I cried. 
And then I took a much needed 3 hour nap.  Thank you Marcus.  (Callie's been having what we think are night terrors, and it's really starting to take a toll on me.  But at least it's not bothering her.)

Later, Friday night, I was talking to Steele and Ciera (who we're staying with).  Steele was asking for more info about the therapy and I gave him all the answers I knew.  I even went to our blog here so he could see the suit and blah blah blah.  It was then, during that conversation, that I realized how great she really has been doing.  I mean, seriously.  In ONE week, she is now standing straighter and extending her arms further.   In FIVE measly days!  Do you know how long we have tried for that to happen?  YEARS.  And in five days, she's using her body more efficiently and correctly.  That's not nothin'.  How can we possibly tackle the big stuff if she can't master the (what appears to be) smaller stuff? 

So, I went to bed happier.
And I'm ready for tomorrow. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of Samantha during therapy on Friday.  Just chillin'.

I told Sergio I'd try to keep Samantha's hands out of her mouth, and he said not to worry about it.  He knew it wouldn't last through the weekend...but that tape lasted awhile.  And, now that I'm looking at this picture, I can tell a difference in Samantha even sitting in her carseat.  She's usually more curled forward.  She looks like she's sitting in there so big and tall.  It's kind of weird to see actually...but dang cute too.

So, mid-rolling over...just to see how taped up this girl really is.  Hands, arms, back, inner thighs, feet, and ankles. 

You'd think she had weak ankles and was off to play a soccer game or something.  But, I think this taping on her feet actually made a difference in helping her get her ankles to the ground.  We'll see how next week goes, but Sergio is pretty confident we'll add some more range of movement down there in those there ankles...sure would be nice.

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Jennie said...

I appreciated your post. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing what day to day life is like. I too felt like that this week - thinking when will an issue get better. It is all perspective. I have to keep remembering that. Good luck this week. I hope you see even more progress.


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