Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Proof of Progress

Yesterday, after walking around campus and being sorely disappointed that the t-shirt Marcus wanted was sold out, we went to a park.  While we were there, we really began to notice Samantha's improvement.  In particular, her standing has become more solid and straight.  I was impressed that, even though she had to readjust her stance and move a bit, she was able to do it without moving all over the place, and she was able to get right back into feel where her body should be and get there.  She has a lot more progress to be made, but she's doing well.

This first video is from our first weekend here...before she started therapy.  We were in the Eyring Science Center and she was walking around.  I thought I should get some "before" video.  You can really see how she hunches over and walks, kind of in an out of control way...the drunken sailor....moving solely on her momentum.  She leans forward and needs to swing her legs to keep up with her body that is leading.

These next 2 videos show a bit of her progress after a week (plus some change).  Her walk could still improve, but she has more control.  She's standing taller, straighter, less spastic movements.  All of this without any orthotics or suits.  It's all her.  Again, she has a way to go, but I think those foundations are being put into place.


Kimba said...

amazing!!! this makes me so happy! go sammy!

Maren B said...

Yes, there's a definite improvement! Way to go!

Rob and Marseille said...

she is standing so much taller!

maryirene said...

wow! look at her! awesome!

hilary said...

This really is amazing, Jenny! I definitely see a difference. Way to go all of you!!

Emily said...

Hooray for Sammy! Milestones!


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