Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday Family Fun

Our days here in Provo are more than just therapy.  Yes, it's true.  The purpose of this little get-away was for Samantha and to attend Now I Can.  But, when will we have a chance to spend 3 weeks together like this again?  Honestly.  Once Marcus starts working again, this will not happen.  (Which makes me wonder about doing round 2 of Now I Can.)  We're trying to make it fun for Callie -- and us -- so we do as much as we can after therapy.  Yesterday, we hit BYU's Museum of Paleontology, the stadium's Farmers' Market, and the BYU football stadium.  

The museum itself is quite small, but I thought it was interesting.  It was actually the perfect size for Callie's attention span.  We taught Callie about the different teeth and she became pretty good at identifying carnivorous vs. herbivorous?  haha  Seriously, how do you say that?  I'll go the easy route and just say that she could distinguish between carnivores and herbivores by the time we left.

Marcus was most impressed by this giant sloth.
And this large head...MUCH larger than Callie...shocked me.  Can you imagine this thing coming at you?!

Then we went to the Farmers' Market.  They just started one that is located at the stadium parking lot.  I was excited to go because, for whatever reason, I love farmers' markets.  Marcus thinks it's silly that I love them so much.  But, there's something about people growing their own stuff and selling it...meeting the vendors...I just love it.  Marcus thought Callie would like getting a face paint, and she did, except she got it on her hand and arm.  A fish.  With bubbles.  And glitter!  She loved it.

This picture (below) was so startling when we were going through all we took at the end of the day.  Ah!  Callie.  Don't eat me!  She was supposed to be showing us her painting, but she looks, well, scary.

The stadium as open, so we went in and walked around.  No one seemed to care, so we stayed longer.  This is the closest I'll probably get to a football game while we're here.  Marcus keeps telling me I can get tickets, but that would just be complicated with Samantha and Callie.  Anyway, it was fun to go through the stadium.  It brought back a lot of good memories, and I got really excited actually.  I could have sat there all day.  That makes me weird I'm sure.

And hello, these seats are definitely the way to go.  I've never sat in these before, but they are the best.  I can imagine a much more comfortable football viewing experience with these blue babies.

I took a series of pictures of Callie rolling over the benches.  At first I thought it was really funny because it looks like she's falling...that is, until she really did fall and hurt herself.  Oops.

I'm really glad to have gone to BYU.  I really love it here.  While we were sitting on the bleachers, I looked over and saw the flag, the stadium, and the gorgeous mountains.  My sophomore year, some friends from home saw a picture of our stadium and asked me "Does it really look like this?!  It's gorgeous.  It's just unreal how beautiful it is."  I didn't appreciate it.  At the time I felt some cougar pride, but aside from that, I was so used to the mountains as my daily backdrop.  Yesterday, I took a moment to breath it all in.  It really is beautiful here.


Rob and Marseille said...

it is beautiful! I took a pic of timp yesterday as I was thinking the same thing. cool that marcus gets to go to 2 games while he's here!

The Nelsons said...

I LOVE BYU! I just remarked to Nathan last night how much I miss it...I think of retiring and moving back into our little townhome in Payson and buying season tickets to all the sports events. Sounds like heaven!


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