Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 2 Begins

I can't believe we are starting our second week here at Now I Can.  Seriously?  I guess that means we still have 2 full weeks, but still.  It's crazy.  She's doing well.  I'm finding myself going back and forth about how I'm feeling about her progress.  I see progress, and I feel good about it all...but I still wish there was more.  Ya know?

Yesterday, I expressed my feelings to Sergio and Jordan.  I want them to always know how I feel about this stuff.  It's important to me...and I think it's because they have made it so clear that it's important to them.  Don't you love people like that?  Anyway.  A BYU student volunteer was in the room with me while I was telling them about how I was feeling; she said something that rang so true.  She was able to perfectly articulate what I was feeling.  I think.

I can't tell you what I expected from this therapy, other than to help her.  I didn't have any definite thing I wanted.  So, I wasn't sure why I was feeling discouraged.  That's when Smart Volunteer (I don't know her name, but I'm giving her the title "Smart" -- so hopefully that makes up for a lack of name) said, "Maybe it's more that you expected the unexpected.  Huge things happen here, so maybe you couldn't put your finger on the one thing you wanted her to do, but you were looking forward to seeing that unexpected progress."  Boom baby.  That was it.  That is it.  And I feel silly about that.  But seriously.  I know I mentioned it before, but the little boy here with us couldn't walk.  Could. Not. Walk.  One week later, he's walking with a walker and crutches.  That is unexpected to say the least.  Samantha's progress has been slow and "normal" and what's exciting about that?  Other than the fact that by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass.  So, every time I feel a little ho, hum, I remember that this is a stepping stone.  Even the progress she has made is better than the progress she was making before (in terms of speed).  I'm grateful and need to just focus on the good.  Focus on the good.

Samantha with Sergio ~ pictured with Smart Volunteer

This is her tired face.  Physical therapy is no easy task, and after a weekend of no therapy, she's wasn't overly excited to come back and work...but I still think she's a champ.


mj said...

she looks like a little football, all laced up. :)

maryirene said...

i love you samantha. you are so dear.


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