Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday the Worst

On Monday I was warned that Wednesday is typically the worst day of therapy.  They've been here 1 full day and realize "I don't want to do this."  They fight more and cry.  But today, I think Samantha actually did better.  She's been more compliant over all, and we're already seeing her respond to the therapy -- meaning she's standing straighter on her own out of the suit.  That makes me happy.  

Of course she starts the day with stretching.  And, she did much better this time.  Then the suit came on.  Today Jordan, a different volunteer, came and Samantha seemed to just love him.  She would frequently look up at him.  It was cute.

While Sammy was in her suit, of course they practiced different positions.  This includes sitting, in a kneel position, and of course standing.  In all positions she is showing improvement.

After a snack while in her stander, she did some more muscle type things.  Like how professional I am about it?  And she continued to happily gaze up at Jordan.

Samantha has always hated the ball.  She hates being stretched like this, but she has tolerated it rather well.  Hopefully when we get back to California, Kathy (her regular PT) will be able to get Sammy back on the ball so we can maintain the progress here.  I've never seen Samantha sprawled out like that.  Fantastic.

In the spider cage again.  They spent more time in here today.  Yesterday it was just sitting.  Today, they did kneeling, kneeling on 1 knee into a stand position, etc.  She's just so cute.  I can't take it!

This therapy business is rough.  It's tiring.  It's hard work.  But she's doing well.  I'm proud of her.  We still have many days ahead of us, but her strength will improve and I'm confident that as these things become easier for her, that she'll actually enjoy some of this!

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Jill T said...

I'm so proud of her!!! Go Sammy! I am so impressed. Pearl went to therapy for a couple months for her Torticolles and it was rough. That was nothing compared to what Sammy did--she is awesome.


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