Friday, October 5, 2007

Prayers Needed

It seems like just when things start looking up, something happens that throws us off. On Tuesday night, Annie (Samantha's occupational therapist) came over. She discussed with us the fact that when a child's head stops growing, it typically results in low life expectancy. With microcephaly, the head size is smaller, but it still continues to grow. Samantha's head hasn't grown in about 12 months now. This has always been a cause of concern for us, but we were just happy that she was progressing. We had been told that this was the most important thing. However, as much as she has surprised the doctors and specialists with her development, this doesn't necessarily overshadow the fact that her head isn't growing. Over 33 years of experience, Annie said she has never had a microcephalic child with such a small head, but she has also never had one that developed and learned so quickly. She said, "Hands down, Samantha is further in her development." That is comforting to a degree. I talked to our pediatrician who said, "I don't think we're talking days, weeks, even months...but I don't think you have years." Annie told us of a family who had 4 children with microcephaly. 3 of those died. The youngest was 6. It's painful to think of our family without Samantha. She has made a permanent mark on our hearts forever. But, until we know more, we don't want to think about her dying.

In the meantime, we ask our family and friends to continue praying for her. It's important that we control the seizures. Because her brain is so small, it is quite possible that these are harming her. It's important that her brain grow. We are praying that those 2 things will happen, but that we also will be led to the right doctors, medicine, or whatever else may help her. For those of you able and willing, we will be having a fast for her the first Sunday of November, praying for those things, as well as strength, increased faith that God has a specific plan for her, and that we can align our will with His, 100%.

Samantha has changed our lives in so many ways. She truly brings so much happiness, light, and love into our little home.


Lori and Matt said...

Jenny, i love you so much! I am always praying for you and your family. I hope that you will find strength in the Lord through this time. Give Samantha a hug for me!

Justin and Amelia said...

Hey Jenny, sorry about the news, but know that we are all thinking and praying and will fast for your cute family. Samantha is a doll. She has such an amazing spirit! So do you two. Thanks for the great faith you exude. We love you guys!

Amy said...

Jenny, thanks so much for the update. Even though we don't live down the street from you anymore, we talk about you often and are so, so, so grateful for your friendship and your amazing attitude. Keep on keepin' on, and know that we are praying for you, Marcus and Samantha, and we love you tons. I know the Lord will continue to bless and guide you. Thanks for being a great example.

Erika Childs said...

I will continue to pray and fast for your family. You are all absolutely amazing people. Thanks for the example you and Marcus have been to me over the years.

MEGAN said...

Jenny, count me in for the fast in November. Your little Samantha is such a yummy little girl. You 3 will be in my prayers. Szeretlek!


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