Monday, February 11, 2008

First Family Pictures

These were taken the last time Marcus was here, but it's taken me a week to get them on the computer. The first picture Samantha is just enjoying things, but then, wait. She realizes someone else is there and just watches her for a bit, and Callie watches back. This is actually how it is a lot of times.
(Sidenote: This was also taken before we cut Samantha's hair with the Flowbee -- or however you spell it. We don't have pictures of that, but we did get it on video. It took one of us holding her hands down while the other took the vacuum and sucked up/cut her hair. It didn't seem to bother her too much. I thought it looked kind of bad, but the other day someone asked me if I had cut Samantha's hair. I said "yeah" kind of sheepishly. Then she said, "I thought so. It looks really stylish." Go figure.)


Lori and Matt said...

Samantha's hair has gotten really long. I can't wait to see her new haircut! Congrats on the growing family! Ya'll look great!

Rob and Marseille said...

I'm excited to see Samantha's hair...I've never heard of a flowbee, what is it? How does it work?

maryirene allen said...

jenny we miss you! can't wait to have you back to party! can't wait to see the video as well!

rachel said...

You are such a cute family!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!!

Finally we have created our blog, come check it out!

The Swendsens.


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