Friday, August 29, 2008

Time Left in Provo/Moving Out

The last week we were in Provo was rather strange. We were out of our apartment but staying with family friends. So, we were still in Provo, but we weren't there. It made it weird for us saying goodbye to our neighbors when we knew we would be bumping into them here and there throughout the week. Luckily we were able to say a real goodbye to them all before taking off. I do deeply regret that there were some people that I just physically could not see before we left. To you, I'm so sorry. Things were so hectic with final doctor appointments, moving, etc, and it just didn't happen. I'm sorry.

Moving out of our apartment was a trick. I had been packing boxes for a few months now, so a lot of that work was done already. Of course there was more to pack up, but that honestly wasn't too bad. All I can say is that I'm so glad that our families were in town.
Monday: Colin, Scotty, Bryan, and Lee Green -- my dad -- and Mark Catanzaro helped out with the loading. We were charged per foot on the trailer, so we tried to make it as tight as we could. I started to clean on Monday.
Tuesday: Dad, Marcus, and Colin (rest of the Greens headed back to CA) spent time rearranging the stuff in the trailer to make it fit even tighter in the trailer...and they succeeded. I continued to clean. ABF picked up the trailer that night.
Wednesday: Marcus and I cleaned.

It's not like our apartment was super messy or dirty. It really was in good shape in fact. But with 2 kids, I couldn't get all the cleaning done. I wanted to finish it Tuesday. Originally we were going to load the boxes on Monday and the furniture on Tuesday. Boy am I glad we changed those plans. We got a ton loaded Monday afternoon. I can't imagine if that hadn't of been taken care of so quickly. I thought we'd be out of the apartment Tuesday night. My mom helped by cleaning the bedrooms and watching the kids, but Samantha was having a rough time, they needed naps and had nowhere to sleep since the crib was loaded was just really hard, and I'm NOT looking forward to doing that again, alone, in 12 months. We'll be even more alone because our parents won't be there most likely. They were just in Utah because we had been sealed. So, 3 days to move out of the place, but it was done. Horrible, but done.

While we waited for ABF to get our stuff to Spokane, we stayed with some family friends who live up by the Provo Temple. We were able to spend some time with them and my mom and they were staying there too. Wednesday night, Samantha threw up a few times (maybe that's why she had been having such a hard time while we were moving) and so we laid low and I held her a lot. Thursday, she seemed to be doing better, so we went to This Is the Place Park in SLC. I thought it was really nice. I think it's worth seeing. Friday we ran some last minute errands, Marcus met up with some old college buddies, and we finished the 3rd season of 24. (We have to find a way to get our hands of the 4th season out here in Spokane -- especially since we aren't getting cable this year.) Saturday was spent at Thanksgiving Point at the Museum of Ancient Life. Holy cow! This was impressive. At the time I didn't realize it was the biggest dinosaur museum in the world. Samantha was still not feeling all that well but made it through the IMAX movie. In the evenings, while my parents went to the mall, distribution center, and all over the place, we hung out with family.

We did have one dilemma...our car started falling apart and some things stopped working. This panicked me greatly since we would be driving roughly 900 miles north, and if our car didn't work, I wasn't sure how that was going to happen. We made some quick phone calls, got into a shop the next morning, and they had it ready that evening for us. Panic gone. Kind of. I was in a very stressful mode the entire week. There was so much to do, things kept going wrong, my kids were sick (Callie started having diarrhea the next day after Samantha threw up), and we were leaving our comfort zone. I was very stressed.

But, all in all, our last few days left in Provo were great.


Anonymous said...

Moving can be so rough, especially on kids. Sounds like you did everything you could do to be ready. Good job! I am glad to hear you made it ok. I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm so sorry it was so hard! Moving just is, always! I wish I was there to help. BUT, I can help with 24. First of all, get a Netflix membership. You can get a membership for two discs out at a time for something like 5 dollars a month. Then you can watch all of season 4 and 5 and is 6 out already. Well, when it is, you can watch it. You get four episodes per disk. We have had a few really weekends when the energy level was nil--we watched probably 12 hours of 24 on those occassions. Really good medicine, if you ask me. :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

Boy, I wish I could go back and correct my puncutation in that last post.


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