Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

I love that Samantha is now in school. Just the idea of it makes me happy. I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with how she is just so small, so little...and to think of her in just makes me smile.

Sammy all ready for her first day of school.

With Daddy on the side of the school -- where her classroom is.

Waiting with Mommy at the teacher's desk.

Ready to play and learn!


Ashley DeMille said...

HOw cute is that! I bet little Sammy will just love school! Callie is such a doll in her little hospital gown!

Rob and Marseille said...

cute that her crocks match her dress.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. How cute are your kids? Seriously.

My daughter has seizures, hypotonia, and expressive speech difficulties. I don't know anyone else going to the developmental preschool... how do you like it? My girl will be 3 soon, and I'm trying to make up my mind! :)

Is it helpful?


Marcus and Jenny said...


I'm not sure how to email you since it's an anonymous I'll respond here. I hope you come back to check. I was apprehensive about the whole thing. I thought...why send her to pre-school now? I didn't think it was necessary, and I hadn't heard great things. Nothing bad, but I thought if I kept her private therapies up that would be better. I decided to meet with the school district anyway, just to gather information, and at that first meeting I decided it would be a good thing. They didn't say anything to me that convinced me, I just felt really good about it. I love the school she's attending. There is actually only 3 kids in her class right now and 3 adults -- one teacher and 2 aides. I like it because 1) this is teaching Sammy a little more independence. 2) I like the social interaction. 3) She gets speech, OT, and PT at the school as well as the private therapy we've kept up. and 4) I see some of the kids in the older preschool class and it has given me hope for Sammy. I think these early intervention type things are really really good for developmentally delayed kids. I have different opinions about Head Start, etc. Those, according to studies, do help the kids out, but by 1st grade it all evens out. But with these kiddos, I think it really does help them to develop skills that they need at an earlier age. I've loved it. She had a rough first day, but since then she's been doing great. It is a personal choice though, and it's one to consider carefully. What is right for you and your family? Maybe keeping your child home another year will be better for you. This has just been my experience so far. Feel free to ask me anything else anytime.



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