Thursday, December 10, 2009


I'm grateful for a couple things today.

#1 -- Sammy slept until 8:55am this morning, and it wasn't longer because we had to wake her up! WHAT?! Wake her up? That's right. This little punkin' slept in. Sure I was in a panic starting around 7am, but I didn't dare go in to check on her, for fear that my paranoia was just that...paranoia...and that I'd wake her up.

#2 -- Good phlebotomists. Today Sammy and Callie got their blood drawn (mainly because we had the worst pediatrician appointment known to mankind on Tuesday...story to come later). Sammy, with her good night sleep, was very chipper and the phlebotomists were very entertaining as they drew their samples. Sammy didn't cry at all. In fact, she gave a giggle. A giggle?! Yes. What a sweetheart. Callie had a harder time, but when they were done she thanked them anyway.

#3 -- Lasagna. Just because I like it and it finished my day off well.

1 comment:

Emily said...

I'm so impressed that Callie thanked the people who gave her shots! By the way,I'm grateful for lasagna too.


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