Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In the car...

last night running errands with Callie.

Mommy:  You know Callie, when a new baby comes, you'll get to sit in the back row all by yourself!
Callie:  We have a baby coming?
Mommy:  Well, not yet, but one day, and when that baby comes, you get to move your seat to the back.  Won't that be fun? 
Callie:  (thinking about it)
Mommy:  Do you want a baby?
Callie:  Yeah!  (pause)  We have a baby.  Sammy's my sister.  (slight pause)  Sammy looks like a baby, but she's not a baby.  She's my sister.
Mommy:  That's right.  Sammy's small isn't she?
Callie: Yeah
Mommy:  But is she a baby?
Callie:  No.  She's not a baby.
Mommy:  How old is Sammy?
Callie: Sammy's four. 
Mommy:  How old are you?
Callie:  I'm two.
Mommy:  She's older than you, but you do a really good job taking care of her.  She loves you so much.
Callie:  I love Sammy.

Callie will frequently tell me she loves Sammy.  She frequently informs me that we should go get her from school so they can play together.  But I've never had a conversation like this.  This is the first time Callie has shown me any indication that she understands there is something different about Samantha.  And I thought it was pretty sweet.  Callie is so sweet.  She's spunky and has some attitude, but she has such a tender loving heart...and I wish I could somehow get the tone of her voice through on the computer here...but it was so sweet as she talked about Sammy.  I love my girls so much.  I just love them.


Heather said...

That is sweet.

Kimba said...

that is so sweet, sammy's going to have an amazing sister her whole life. and more, i'm sure! :) i can't wait to see that sibling bonding someday.

maryirene said...

what a darling girl. it's neat to see how much siblings love each other.


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