Friday, June 10, 2011

Awesomeness on the Airplane

That's right.  I, Ms. Jenny Pants, was terrified to fly alone with the 2 munchkins.  And Thursday morning, I was feeling oh so sick, and this didn't make me feel any better about the impending doom on the plane.  Everything I pictured was unpleasant.  But, you know what?!

It was awesome!

I could definitely do it again.  Sammy was a gem.  Callie was blissful.  During the layover we enjoyed Subway AND, yes, AND Jamba Juice.  After we landed in Detroit, I had many people approach me and say how wonderful my kids are, how they did such a good job, how they are so cute....and that just makes a big mama proud.  Way to go girlies.  I see more solo flights in the future -- not sure where to yet, but it'll be gooooood.

On a sidenote: a lady approached me to ask if I had been on tv with Samantha.  Yep.  Mistaken for Kenadie again.  That's ok.  She's cute.  People see, small girl, small head and think "show on TLC that I saw!"  That's ok.  I like that she was curious and chatted with me.  Nice woman. 


Missy said...

I would have been nervous too! I'm so glad it went ok for ya. What good girls you have!

Rob and Marseille said...

they do have a similar hair color too. I haven't heard of Kenadie before. how old is she?

Jenny said...

I'm not sure how old she is now...but she's a couple years older than Samantha, at least. But she is tiny tiny. I remember watching something on TLC about her a long time ago. It's an interesting story. Cute girl. Inspiring really.

And Missy -- phew! I do have good girls, but I'll tell you, I was still sweatin' bullets before getting on that plane!!!:)


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