Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BYU Football Spring Highlight Film 2012

Remember that whole Thursday's Heroes gig that Sammy had back in March?  Pretty sweat deal.  It's one of our more awesome memories with this little lady.  (And we're pretty stoked to see the team again when they come out here for the San Jose State University game in November.)  Most of these are filmed and aired on the news.  Some are not.  Sammy wasn't on the news, but that didn't matter to us at all.  It was an incredible day and we are filled with tremendous memories.

But today, our friend tipped us off about a new video that just came out.  It's very well done and I daresay even people who claim NOT be to BYU football fans would get excited for the upcoming season.  And, wouldn't you know?  Sammy and I make a small cameo appearance.  Look for us towards the end.  Oh, and our signatures ~ Samantha, Callie, Marcus, and mine ~ are all on that flag you see in the opening shot.  Yes.  We're that cool.  And then, there was this comment on YouTube:

  • Links, nice job. I really liked the girl at the end. Gave it a special touch. Good movement and clarity. You got some good shots and I enjoyed the video. I sent you a side comment to your e-mail. Keep up the good work!
  • Thanks. I loved the girl at the end too! Shows the efforts BYU Football makes to help the community and individuals on a personal level.

 Awww.  That's our little girl.  We have no memory of anyone there with a camera, but we'd have to agree... she gives it a special touch.  What a sweetheart.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, 
we proudly present...
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BYU Football Spring Highlight Film 2012

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