Thursday, September 11, 2014

Birthday Boy

Today Micah turns two.

For two years he has filled our lives with so much joy.  Pure, complete joy.  He's one of the most delightful babies on the planet and I just can't get over how adorable he is.  Lately, if anything goes wrong, all he needs is a kiss and "it's all better."  He could be crying hysterically, and as soon as I kiss him, he stops and says, "it's all better Mommy" and continues to play.  He makes me feel like the luckiest mommy around.

Micah is sooo verbal.  People often mistake him for being much older because he speaks so often and has a large vocabulary.  I think it's largely due to Callie, actually, but the fact is that Micah has picked it up.  He's a talker.

And a singer.  At night before I put him to bed, he likes me to sing to him.  Sometimes he'll join in, and it's one of the happiest moments of my day to hear his little voice sing along.

Micah has faith.  How do I know?  He told me so.  We have a framed picture of Helaman and his stripling warriors on his bedroom wall.  It was from Marcus' room when he was a boy.  At night, sometimes I'll tell him the story of Helaman and his warriors.  I tell him how these young men had faith and were protected by God.  "Micah, do you have faith?"  "Yes.  I have faith."  I kiss him goodnight and he doses off.  A few weeks ago Micah and I were in a store.  Out of the blue, Micah says to me, "I have faith."  "You have faith?"  "Yes, I have faith."  He knows what he's talking about.

Micah is a runner.  It's not so much that he likes to run as much as he likes to take off...and be chased.  Let's just say that I have to keep a very close eye on him at the park.  And I usually get a good workout trying to keep him close by.

Micah loves sports.  Basketball is his favorite to play.  He'll dribble a ball and try to shoot over and over and over again.  And he's actually pretty good.  I'm impressed with his shots...sometimes he'll get it in on our small hoop!  BYU football is his favorite to watch.  If Marcus has it on or is looking at on a clip online, Micah is very aware of it and wants to watch.  He'll yell "touchdown" and cheer on his favorite team.  He loves baseballs and soccer balls but hasn't discovered a passion for either one of these yet.

Micah is a milk addict.  We tried an intervention, but he refused.  See, Micah also throws fantastic tantrums.  The intervention went something like this:
"Micah, we love you so much.  And because of this, we really need you to drink water instead of milk.  You can drink milk still, just not as much."
"Micah, no more milk.  Do you want water?"
This is when he threw a pillow on the ground, then bent over and slapped the floor.  It hurt his hand so he cried.  And then he hit the refrigerator.  We're still working on his addiction.  It wouldn't be such a horrible problem except all the milk is making him constipated.  There's a juice that helps him out, but still.  I might as well buy ourselves our own cow.

Micah loves church.  When he prays, he thanks Heavenly Father for "chooch."  He loves going to nursery where there are bubbles.  He loves the kids there and is frequently talking about "Sawiah" (Sariah, his little friend).  And there is no cuter 2 year old in a shirt and tie.  And hello, when he wears his suit, watch out because he's killer cute.

Micah is a gift.  Over the past 2 years, he has brought nothing but goodness into our lives.  He brought 2 families together...ours and his birth family.  What an incredible little boy.  I think about how lucky and blessed we are to have him and I am humbled that the Lord stamped his approval and orchestrated our lives coming together so that he could be a part of our family.

I love our little man so much.  He's everything I could have dreamed of in a son.  My heart is overflowing with love today for this little boy, and for Lindsey and her family.  How grateful I am that she was brave enough to follow what she felt in her heart.  She knew what was in store for her son, and her sensitivity to the Spirit led her to us.  It's no surprise that Micah is amazing because he comes from pretty amazing genes.

Happy #2 Micah Marcus.  
Our little M&M.  
We love you.  

Gooey Popsicle Face and all.

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