Friday, October 24, 2014

as a child

We carved pumpkins on Monday for family night. It was fun. Priscilla and Alex came over and brought some pumpkins to carve up as well. I didn't get pictures of us with the pumpkins. In fact, we really didn't document the night at all. But, this is what did happen...

Pumpkins were carved as per tradition
We laughed
We ate tortilla chips and bean dip
Alex and Callie jumped on the trampoline
Micah joined in
Sammy finally made it over there as well
Callie drew the jack o lanterns and pulled out the pumpkin guts
Priscilla spent the evening slowly carving her pumpkin while we talked
We talked a lot
And we watched while we spent TIME together

We also caught Micah being so kind with Sammy. As she sat by the table close to us, she watched as we carved. Micah ate chips and must have noticed Sammy there. He walked over and began to feed her some chips. He was right. She wanted some.

He was gentle. Kind. Patient.

He was being a brother.

I was reminded that it's the small things we do everyday that make who we are. The big things are...big...and noticeable. There is value to those big things. But what forms our character are the daily acts we perform. It's what we become.

I feel so blessed to have perfect examples surround me everyday. Their tenderness and love teaches me to be better...teaches me to become as a child.

“I have found that it is the small things, every day deeds from ordinary folk, that keeps the darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.”
The Hobbit

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