Monday, January 12, 2015

Perfect Princess

On Sunday Sammy and Callie came home with these CTR crowns. Rarely does Sammy allow something on her head. And when it's there, it doesn't stay on too long. But she kept this on for about 2 hours. And I thought she looked so cute. Normally I'm in awe of those crystal blue eyes. But in this picture, it's those lips. Since she was born, she's always had rosy pretty, so perfect.

At times I've looked at her and wondered what she would be like if she were just an average 8 year old. What would she look like? The truth is, she would look very similar, however with a larger head, her features would be a different. And I wonder. I wonder what she would say to me. I wonder what she would do on her free time. I wonder what would be important to her and what would make her laugh. Those things I don't know, and won't know, right now. I look forward to the day when I do know those things, but then I wonder about that. What will our relationship be like? I'm sure it'll be incredible...but our relationship is so much based on her daily needs. Will I know how to not take care of her? Will I be able to just sit and talk to her? Yep. I will. And it'll be great.

Until then, what I do know is that she's amazing. I do know she has gorgeous, gentle eyes and beautiful, happy lips. She needs to eat soon after she wakes up, but is patient and will wait until other things get done. She enjoys being with other people. She will follow Callie and Micah around just to be with them. Colin is her dearest friend. She has an infectious laugh and has very ticklish legs. She likes a good massage and is able to truly relax when someone takes the time to rub her muscles loose. She gets excited by whipped cream, chocolate almonds, and marshmallows. Her fingers curl inward. She has a little bump on the side of her skull. She has a small birth mark on her leg. And she is an angel in a little girl body. These are things I know. And these are things I love.

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