Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Highlights From My Day

I am feeling extremely blessed and full of gratitude for my life today. I'm not sure why it has struck me today...but I'm enjoying it.

* Spending time with a friend. I haven't seen her in years, and we aren't even particularly close. In fact, at one point I would never have expected us to become friends. But she recently moved close by and today we had some time to just sit and talk. For a couple hours. It was a nice break from my day, the kids played, and we just chilled. It was a really  nice morning.

* Shopping with Micah and Callie. We went to Sprouts and Target. Nothing fancy, but I really enjoyed it.

* Feeding James. We stopped by and saw Analisa. She's here for the week. James was awake and I fed him and just held him. I got a few smiles and was able to just hold his sweetness for about 20 minutes before we headed home. My longing for a baby was stilled while I held him. I was just in the moment with tiny little James and my heart was so full of love.

* Seeing Sammy when she got home from school. She was so happy. So so happy. She went on a field trip today and I received an email from her teacher saying that she had fun on the train, with the bubbles, and water play. When I saw her, it was as if she wanted to tell me all about it. And it melted my heart.

* Dinner. Marcus wasn't home for dinner, but we had left overs and watermelon. And everyone was happy. We ate and talked, made crazy faces at each other and laughed.

* Writing. I don't have as much time to write what I'd like, but I do have the honor of writing for I actually really love it. And today I finished up an assignment they asked me to do yesterday. I enjoyed being able to sit down and write down some feelings about the topic. I enjoy writing. A lot. And working for gives me the excuse to sit down and write, often. It brings me joy.

* Clean house. Our house isn't cute. You don't pull up and go, "Woa, cute house." You don't walk in and say, "What a cute house." You just don't. It's not a strength of mine. I try to have it put together and make it feel somewhat like home though. And being organized...well, that's also not my strength. The past 6 months have been really difficult for me. And this week, it felt like I was able to catch up. The house has been relatively organized and cleaned for the past couple days and the freedom I feel from it is so relieving. I feel calm and peaceful with a tidy environment.

* Bubbles. There's something simple and completely joyful about children playing with bubbles....well, at least until the frustration overflows and they start screaming because they can't get the bubbles to work. But was a nice way to end the evening.

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