Wednesday, November 14, 2007

True Love

Tonight as Samantha sleeps in bed and I wait for Marcus to get home, I decided to watch an episode of Oprah. (I love Tivo.) And, though I always seem to be making some reference to something I saw on a recent show, or even one from years past, I argue that it is always good information I pass along. Tonight, I watched about couples in love, hearing their love stories and how they have managed to stay so deeply in love while a majority of the world only dreams of that, but doesn't quite believe it's possible, and I of course thought of Marcus.

Grant Hill and his wife Tamia shared how it was the little things that they love about each other...and I thought, about Marcus's "little things" like:

washing the dishes * giving me a hug * wrestling with Samantha * washing the clothes * taking out the trash * picking up Samantha's toys * smiling * making a ridiculous joke that only he laughs at * folding clothes * scratching my back * calling during the day * wiping off the stove * letting me take a nap or sleep in * waking up extra early so I can shower before he leaves for work * complimenting my hair * letting me cry * cheering me up * talking late in night in bed * calling me pretty * loving me * etc * etc * etc *

There are 1,000,000 little things that make up who he is. And over the course of our marriage, I have fallen more and more in love. The past 2 years has certainly had its ups and downs, but Marcus is one of my constants. With an attempt to try not to be too cheesy, I can simply say that I love him so much and feel blessed to be his wife.


Lant Family said...

I saw some of that show and I thought the couple who wrote Love letters were so cute. I love that Idea.

Megan said...

Isn't it the best thing in the world to be in love? I'm glad you have that. And I'm glad my man is a saint, too. God bless them all!

Brandon Danielle and Laneah said...

There are too many sad stories so it was very refreshing to read what you wrote. It reminded me of the nice things that Pres Hinckley says about Sister Hinckley.

Mike said...

I love the cute little way he is obsessed with BYU football. :)

nathanandjessica said...

When are you getting back from vacation? Did you guys have a nice Thanksgiving? Sorry I haven't talked to you - I've been out of town. Give me a call when you guys get back. And I love Marcus too - as you know. :)


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