Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Life's "ups"

While Jenny usually updates our blog (for which I am very grateful), I felt a need to add an entry of my own. Everyone has their "ups" and "downs" in life. We've had ours and you've had yours. Let me just say that I'm grateful for the "ups". This was particularly true of this past weekend, and if you'll indulge me a bit, I'd like to explain. I have a wonderful wife who adds vibrant color to my sometimes grayscale life. I have a darling little girl who loves her Daddy and helps me understand how blessed I really am. We are healthy, have good friend and a fantastic family. However, things got just a little better over the weekend.

This weekend, Karma seemed to align with fate, and for a time, all was perfect in this world. In addition to my wonderful family, the BYU basketball team upset the #6 Louisville Cardinals on Friday night, propelling them into the national spotlight. On Saturday, the BYU football team used a little of last year's magic to complete a 4th and 18 pass to keep a game winning touchdown drive alive, lifting them above a good and formidable Utah team. For those few twinkling hours after the football game on Saturday and before some of the more mundane realities of life once again took hold, there was nothing wrong in this world.

Looking back, it seems a little immature of me to place a couple of games in the same category as my perfect family, but I have to admit, I still smile a little bit when I think about them.

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Beth Schellhous said...

Jenny's posts seem to draw at least 4-5 comments and the one post from Marcus gets 0. So, Marcus your take on family is great and I hear you...For me, not only BYU's great run but Texas' football team is decent (although after the second loss the season became a "rebuilding year") and the Longhorn basketball team beat #1 UCLA recently. I don't even need to mention Boston sports teams success, for which, like Jenny, Beth is very grateful. The joys... --Reid


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