Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wedding for Rose

The weekend before Thanksgiving I had the wonderful opportunity to fly out to Atlanta for my friend's wedding. Rose has been one of my closest friends since our days in the MTC. She is kind, patient, and a sincerely good friend. Plus she's a hoot! In the MTC and in our room during our days at BYU, we often stayed up all night laughing. She's simply great. She's one of those people that you just want them to experience great, happy, wonderful things. So, not only was I thrilled for her, but it was, quite honestly, a blast! I ...

* rented a car and was upgraded to amazing mini SUV with GPS
* stayed in a room with 2 of my old roommates (and 2 babies -- Samantha and Reid)
* stayed up way too long whispering (so we wouldn't wake up the lil' ones)
* laughed through the night (which is hard to do when you are trying to laugh quietly)
* witnessed a beautiful sealing
* hung out with 2 of Rose's other good friends and, can I just say, I love Nikki and Jessy
* got 5 hours asleep Friday and Saturday night combined -- OUCH
* danced the night away

I could not be happier for Rose. Daniel is so great and you could just see the love oozing out of their ears! :) Yeah for love!


Erika Childs said...

I am so happy for Rose! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

P.S. Cassidy Willhite (my roommate now) also says "congratulations Rose".

Lori and Matt said...

Jenny, you look so good!

Jenae said...

Yeah for Rose! That is so awesome that you guys all got to go and support her, she deserves it!

AJ said...

You and Emmie must have taken those pics for each other. Super cute!

rachel said...

I'm so glad you got to go and that it was such a blast.


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